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A Lady of High Regard...A Book Review

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Lady of High Regard

Tracie Peterson

After spending quite a bit of my summer flying through YA fantasy and NA contemporary books, I found myself noticing the gorgeous covers of the Historical Fiction/Christian Fiction as the seasons began to change. When I pick up a book of this genre, I have expectations of something that will grip me as much as the action-packed fantasy stories as I know there are such amazing historical events that can really drive a story.  That and I want to see how the author creates characters, and these books tend to have very complex characters.

I have read some of Peterson before, and was more than ready to give this book a try.

A Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson  A Book Review on Reading List

Story Overview

Mia Stanley is used to the comfortable life as a daughter of a successful businessman. Yet, unlike her peers, she does not dream of getting married and basking in the easy life. She has a heart for others, and a knack for writing, so when she takes the position as a writer for a lady's magazine, her parents are less than thrilled. When a new writing assignment puts Mia directly into the abysmal and heartbreaking reality of the seaman's wives along Philadephia's docks she refuses to walk away, even after her father convinces her to stop her position at the magazine. 

All the while, Mia is trying to find the perfect match for her big-brother-like next door neighbor, Garrett. She has successfully matched up a few of her friends and knows that Garrett would make a wonderful husband and father, so she sets her sights on eligible women for him. Of course, her focus on other women for him, get her own feelings stirred up. All the while Garrett is running the family business, watching his father succumb to illness, and dreaming of his true love finally noticing him. 

Personal Likes

I liked the setting - Philadelphia in the 1850's was certainly mixed on societal classes, so to have a taste of the richest right next to the poorest was interesting. So adding in an independent, yet wealthy lady to the mix was very intriguing.  

I also appreciated Garrett as a man who was looking forward to having a family, simply because his family was so important to him. It is always refreshing to get male characters who are goal-driven in career and family at the same time. Too often we are given male characters that are either workaholics or simply not trying, let alone a man who actually wants to have a family!

A Lady of High Regard  by Tracie Peterson a Book Review on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

Overall, I was disappointed. This is a slow moving story with very little action to drive the plot. Even the words slow the pace, and the dialogue drags in an attempt to show the time period. I realize this isn't the quick paced genre like some, but why can't there be a little more push from the characters to do and act. The overabundant use of passive voice screamed at me through the entire book, and as an editor minded person, that is just never a good thing.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Christian fiction cannot stuff the Bible and God at people in superficial ways. Throwing in a few prayers or comments about faith will not move a person to seek out the God of the Bible. It comes across false. If only there were a way to create a character who would really wrestle with an idea or characteristic of God throughout the story, similar to how so many contemporary character wrestly with a soceital worldview...

Reading List Rating

I am giving this book three hearts.  I appreciated the characters and unique setting.  The story fits the genre well, however, I personally didn't love it. 

My Suggested Audience

I would suggest fans of the Christian Historical Fiction genre pick up this book, as it completely fits in.  That and Tracie Peterson is a great author to follow in the genre, this just might not be her best... but then again that could just be me!  As far as age appropriate, really it's a clean novel, if your teen is interested in this genre, it should be fine.  The only warning is that there are some hard scenes that could trigger domestic abuse victims, or even assult victims as the only actions spawns from the conditions of the seaman's wives, and the greedy men who require payment no matter if money is available or not. 

Wondering Questions to Consider

Books like this always make me wonder how many people get into journalism nowadays in order to bring justice about? Or to make a different? Compared to how many go into the field simply to famous, or get on TV.  As believers, what do you do with your career to reach those who need help?  Do you believe God put you in your career path to do something for Him?  If you are not a believer, what drives you to help someone else?  At what point would you risk yourself in order to help someone else in need?

God is not slumbering. #ALadyofHighRegard #TraciePeterson @Reading_List1

My daughter's heart is bigger than her common sense. #ALadyofHighRegard #TraciePeterson @Reading_List1

Do you read Historical Fiction? What do you think of the pace?  Do you have a recommendation in this genre that will hook me?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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