All Things Books: September Edition - Reading List

All Things Books: September Edition

Friday, September 30, 2016

All Things Books

September Collection

"A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe."   Madeleine L'Engle 
Wow, it's almost October!  What happened?  I blinked... and well I've been busy with sprucing up the blog in general... are you noticing the changes yet?  They are starting small... but soon you won't be able to miss it...

All Things Books September Collections

School is in full swing over here, and I know it is for most families - that is a blessing and a cause for stress at the same time, right?  Add in homework, extracurriculars... and well the days blend into each other in a crazy hectic mess... No?

For us, the calm happens with books. The noise makers are quieted (TV, music, loud voices...) when a book is being shared.  There are so many possibilities in books, and a sense of calm soon follows once the cover is opened.  Do you exerience this magic as well?

September's Collection

  1.  There is just something about the lists that Modern Mrs. Darcy (Anne) puts together that always catch my eye. Recently she put together this great list of fall books that are worth reading this autumn!  20 Books Everyone Will be Talking about this Fall
  2. Did you know American Libraries recently celebrated "banned books" week?  I always find the articles that come out around this time interesting... so many opinions and thoughts...  What are your thoughts about banned books?  Here are two articles that caught my eye this year: Banned Books is an Offensive Luxury and Texas Prisons' Controversial Banned Books List
  3. Maybe you didn't know this, but in my spare time (what is that???) I enjoy writing... creative lettering specifically...  I have been working on my chalkboards too... so on the off chance you enjoy pretty chalkboards or creative lettering, here are a couple of great resources!  Chalkboard Coffee Art Tutorial and the Best Books on Handlettering
  4. There are so many options when it comes to books, aren't there?  I try to read a large variety, but I admit, I do not often pick up foreign written books... but with this list of 80 books, maybe I'll find one that catches my attention... what about you?  Around the World in 80 Books
  5. With kids of different ages, it can be a challenge to find a book that engages all of us!  The New York Public Library put together a giant list of the greatest kids books.  I mean there are some serious classics in this list that are worth reading with my kids!  100 Great Children's Books 
  6. Clearly, I love books... and I hope my kids will be as enamored with them as they get older too.  But we also enjoy a fair (not a ton) amount of TV.  So this article about building a child's vocab came through my FB feed, I had to check it out!  Kids Books Use More Rare Words than Adult TV
  7. And while I'm on a kids book kick... check out this fun list of kids books adults should read.  There are important lessons in those books that are not just for kids! 10 Children's Books You Should Read as an Adult

All Things Books September Collections

I hope you found a thing or two from that list that caught your eye, maybe you could reserve a book at your library, or add to your Goodreads to-read list. There are also a few great articles to remind you just how great reading is!   If you want some encouragement as you find books you love, please join our group on Goodreads, we'd love to be there as you fall in love with books.    

A book too can be a star a living fire to lighten the darkness leading out into the expanding universe #MadeleineLEngle #AllThingsBooks @Reading_List1

What was your favorite from the round-up?  What would you add?  Is there something you want to see in October's round-up?

Leave me a note about anything to do with your book choices from September!

Marissa @ Reading List

**If you have a great resource for a book, a genre, or anything to do with books, let me know!  You are always welcome to share your posts on Thursdays here, but if you want to point me to a great resource, leave a comment, or shoot me a note.  I love hearing from you!

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