Baby Steps Toward Intentional Goal-Setting - Reading List

Baby Steps Toward Intentional Goal-Setting

Monday, June 27, 2016

Goals with Grace

Baby Steps toward Intentional Goal-Setting

I am a planner...  I think it is part of being an introvert.

Sitting with a blank piece of paper, or calendar, writing down lists of to-dos, wishes, dreams... whatever comes to mind, that is fun, that planning part.  The beginning of each week, when I get to plan out the schedule, it is often the highlight of the day.  I know that sounds sadder than it really is.

Do you know what I am saying?

If so, then I would guess, like me, you also love to read articles about how to organize your life and become the most productive you. Finding your mission statement, then pinpointing your goals, followed by the steps it will take to get you there.

It always sounds so great.  And the writers always make it sound like if I just write down my dreams, then my goals, then my mission statement... THEN I will be able to put together a concise list of actions to make it happen.  And of course, the end result would be a productive, happy me!

But, if you are like me, when it comes time to work the steps, coming up with a mission statement is too hard.  So I move on.

I keep wishing I could be more productive and focused... it's a wishy-washy cycle that usually leaves me very emotional.

Anyone else?

Well, when my blogging friend, Victoria, told me she was putting together a kit to help kick start women into taking action with their goals, I wanted to be part of it.  You see, Victoria is a mom, and a blogger with a busy life, just like me.  Yet she seems calm and focused, more often than not.  Any secrets she can share, I wanted them.

Goals with Grace is a goal planning kit that will help you intentionally put together a plan to reach the goals you have.  And the best part is it is completely personalizable to you and your life, right where you are, today.

The Premium Edition is what I am working my way through, and I really love it.  Victoria has videos, where she talks you through each step, and printable worksheets to guide your thoughts as you focus in on the action steps you need to take in order to reach your goals.

If you are curious, here is Victoria's inspiration for putting this amazing tool together for all of us.

"I am so tired of being so tired! I'm tired of spinning my wheels and not actually accomplishing anything.  I'm tired of feeling like a failure!" And then I heard it... You are not a failure. You are My beloved.  "But God why is this so hard?!?!? Why can't I get anything done?"

I'll admit, I have felt that way before... and I know many mamas who would agree.  If you are one of them, then maybe take a moment and really consider this tool.

Alright, so if you decide you want to check this out, here is what you get!

  • What is truly important to you in this season
  • Identify your roles and responsibilities
  • Define what your purpose is
  • Create and evaluate goals that align towards your priorities
  • Create a plan of action to complete your goals
  • Accountability tools
  • Evaluations to help you accomplish your goals
  • and so much more!

If you have any questions or concerns, just let me know.  If I remember correctly, you can even get the first chapter free to try it out...

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