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Queen: The Blackcoat Rebellion - A Book Review

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Queen: The Blackcoat Rebellion #3

Aimee Carter

Well after almost a year, I have decided to finish up this series of book reviews... mostly because I don't like to leave things incomplete.

I wish I could say that I waited this long because the books were so amazing that I wasn't sure I could do them justice in my review and reflections... but honestly, this last book was not as good as the first, not even close.  I am fearful that this is a result of publishers pushing for a trilogy on a tight deadline that resulted in a hurried and flawed finale to the series.  (hear the disappointed sigh in that thought...)

Queen by Aimee Carter a Book Review on Reading List

Story Overview 

In this finale to the Blackcoat Rebellion, Kitty Doe continues on the rebellion side, as they surge to completely overthrow Daxton and his terrible reign. Mostly Kitty is beginning to learn that even if they make it through this change in her world, the resulting world will not be the wonderful world she dreamt of as a child - she is growing up with a more realistic, maybe even pessimistic view of people and what motivates them.

Knox steps into the role of strategy-maker as he leads large sections of the rebellion.  His decisions do not always sit well with Kitty which results in a large portion of the book where they are separated. These are the moments when Kitty starts to really, truly doubt if the rebellion stands a chance.  Her despair is palatable often through a good third of the book. 

Personal Likes

I did appreciate the fact that Kitty grew up a little bit - granted she could have grown up more- in order to actually make some decisions and act in this book. There were many scenes where we truly get to see inside her heart as she struggles to keep moving forward while the world seems to be completely destroyed, at least for her.

I still say Knox, as a character, is what made this book.  His character evolved through the entire series, and was able to seem true on many counts.  Honestly, if this story had been from his point of view, at least half of the time, this series would have been a thousand times more interesting.

Queen by Aimee Carter a Book Review on Reading List


Personal Dislikes

Overall this was rushed.  It was obviously in the transitions of the story - chapters jumped, characters seemed to suddenly have different vantages or thoughts that didn't fit... the signs of a rush piece.

The other disappointing detail of this book was Kitty - she never really evolved.  Yes, she experienced a ton, and should have changed more, but didn't. I wish I could be more specific on this, but overall I was just disappointed that this wasn't development as well as the first book was.

Reading List Rating

two heart rating on Reading List

I can only give this last book a two heart rating.  I am honestly surprised I even finished it, I guess I'm just that loyal to a series... Overall I would say, if you are not a huge dystopian/YA fan, then skip this one.

My Suggested Audience

As I mentioned in the previous two reviews, the whole Blackcoat Rebellion is violent.  The world is violent, the regime in power is violent, and of course the rebellion to take back the lives of the people is violent.  There is not a lot of focus on the communication side of politics and war in this book, just action, Kitty's emotions, and the fall out.  That being said, I have no issue calling this a Teen fiction, because it is honestly written for teens - but maybe older teens, 16 and up. 

Wondering Questions to Consider

While there are many hang ups I have with this series, I also know that the premise that started this series is one that is worth pondering.  Just because science and technology can offer ways to keep people's appearances looking a certain way, should we allow it to be used?  What would happen if a power group was able to use science and medicine to keep a figurehead young and alive in order to keep control over people? Where should humanity draw the line between science, medicine, and technology from morals and upright character?

"Sometimes you have to sacrifice your queen to capture the king." #Queen @Reading_List1

When was the last time you finished a book series simply because you started it? What are your thoughts on where morality should override the advances of science and technology? 

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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