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Our Favorite Non-Fiction Source

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Children's Corner

Our Favorite Non-Fiction Source

National Geographic Kids

This might surprise you, but I am a huge fiction fan.  The stories capture me and through such experiences I learn more than, or at least as much, as any science class I've been in (oh and I do have a minor in science...).  On the flip side my husband would rather pick up a non-fiction book.  So when our oldest was born I took on the job of finding as many colorful story books (fiction) that I could get my hands on.  I would spend hours with pictures from these books making up new stories with him...  

Then he got older.  

On our weekly trips to the library, he noticed the stacks of books that mommy never went to - the non-fiction section of our children's library.  

His world has never been the same since he walked down one of those aisles and picked out books on topics that engaged his mind and furthered the world he already knew. 

Our Favorite Non-Fiction Source for Kids... National Geographic Kids  a Children's Corner feature on Reading List

If, like me, you have really only spent time in the world of fiction when it comes to children's books, the idea of stepping into the vast sea of non-fiction children's books could drown you.  Let me suggest seeking out the National Geographic Kids books.  There are books on so many amazing subjects, not to mention the magazines and online options (if your kids are at all interested in photography, you have to show them the winners of the 2015 competition over here.)

Today let's just look at two of the awesome Little Kids First Big Books - Specifically Space and Dinosaurs.

About the Books

These books are over-sized, which is why I think my kids were drawn to them.  The books start with an easy to navigate contents page - showing the main topics, the page it starts on and for most sections a brilliant picture to help fill in the words they might not understand. The pages are colorful and bright full of quick facts. 

Little Kids First Big Book of Space includes sections on the solar system, looking up from earth, earth's neighbors, other neighbors, far, far away, exploring space as well as a map, tips for parents, and a glossary and index.  

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs includes sections on small dinosaurs, big dinosaurs, giant dinosaurs, gigantic dinosaurs, a map, parents tips, glossary, and index.  There are also phonetic spellings of the names of dinosaurs to help with pronunciation. 

Why We Like It

I personally like it because while it has the characteristics of a traditional science book, it reads closer to a story in that each page has easy to understand tidbits of fact.  I was appreciative of the tips for parents sections because there are ideas there for fun field trips, more in-depth learning concepts and activities.  This could be a great source for homeschooling parents or even parents who are trying to help kids learn through their interests.

My kids really love the amazing pictures.  Many of the pictures are actual National Geographic photos, and others are their computerized renditions (clearly there are not actual pictures of dinosaurs).  My younger boy really likes the little "pop up" facts -  when there is a magnificent picture that fills a page, there are little circles that have snippets of information right there on the picture.

Our Favorite Non-Fiction Source for Kids... National Geographic Kids  a Children's Corner feature on Reading List

The ultimate non-fiction resource for kids of all ages. #Reading #NatGeo @Reading_List1

Check out some fun crafts and activities from other wonderful bloggers on both Dinosaurs and Space... 

  1. That Artist Woman has a wonderful tutorial on creating your own dino fossils with salt dough.
  2. Here's a fun shape review and create your own dinosaur activity from  Little Family Fun.
  3. Crafty Morning has a fun painting activity for making planets.
  4. MomDot has a super great nebula/galaxy (calming jar) project that kids of all ages can get into.
  5. Create a fun solar system in your window with Fun-a-Day!'s Planet Sun Catchers.

Are your kiddos into Dinosaurs?  Space?  How do you inspire your kids to pick up non-fiction books?

Marissa on Reading List

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