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Help Us Celebrate Easter

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Help Us Celebrate Easter

I have yet to meet a Christian of any denomination that disagrees on the point that Easter is the number one holiday.  What about you?

This moment in history - Jesus being crucified, buried only to rise again - the event that defines so many.  

Families schedule their festivities around going to Church to celebrate with others - to rejoice in the promise fulfilled, the promises that we can put our hope in that is to come. 

So of course, I went to the library this weekend to search out some new stories to help us as we approach another Easter.  I was not looking for religious books necessarily, but something that would be good to read to my kids.  Books that might allow us to come at the story from a different angle this year.  I was completely disappointed...

Then I stopped at our church's library - and mind you we are very blessed with a great library in our church - and again... disappointed.  

If we wanted to get a picture book of the Gospel accounts of Holy Week or the Resurrection, there were some options.  If I was cool with aligning spring and new birth of animals with Easter I could have put together a list of 35 different options - but while I see the parallel, I was hoping for something else. 

I settled on An Easter Carol (Veggie Tales) to go along with our video - again.   This story is in the same style as A Christmas Carol - with the fun and silliness of the Veggie Tales.

An Easter Carol   Children's Corner on Reading List

Since I was disappointed, I figured I would turn to all of you.  What books do you and your kids enjoy for Easter?  Are you a strict follower of the Gospel account for Easter (meaning no extra stories)?  Do you have older kids that need something other than a board book about spring beginnings?  I would really love to hear from you all! If you could please leave a link to a blog post or pin that points to a book or video or something that you all do for Easter with your kids and your family that would be marvelous!

And in the interest of fairness... Here is a little on An Easter Carol

About the Story

The classic Veggie Tales characters take on the roles of new characters in this fun story: Ebenezer Nezzer is the owner of the local factory that specializes in producing plastic Easter eggs. And he gets too fascinated with producing more and more while the workers are complaining about the work. The people are asking for time to go to Church on Easter, and Mr. Nezzer is focused on creating EasterLand...  Well as we would expect any Dickens recreation, when Mr. Nezzer falls asleep in his office he is visited by a vision of his dead grandmother and then Hope the music box angel comes to explain the real reason why Easter is so important.  

The angel does a good job of telling the Gospel story from Christmas to the Resurrection while showing Mr. Nezzer Easter past, present and future...

Why We Like It

My kids like it because we have the movie, and movie night is always a hit.  It has tons of silly moments that keep them engaged and the Truth is front and center throughout.  I am all about reading the book during the week, and then letting them have a movie night that repeats the story. Mostly it is a different angle to help share the story of Easter again.  Christmas has so many secular stories that we can use to redirect to the truth so that our kids can see it from different angles.  Easter is a little harder to get at because for us, we spend all year discussing the importance of the promise fulfilled by Jesus is good... I just wish for more...  

Title: An Easter Carol
Author: Cindy Kenney
Illustrator: Greg Hardin & Robert Vann
Publisher: ZonderKidz
Publication Date: 2004
For ages: 3+ - the movie is your typical Veggie Tales movie...
Based on the video story by John Duckworth **(click here for my affiliate link to Amazon)

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