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Preparing Our Hearts

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Preparing Our Hearts

Forty Days of Focused Discipline

Our world is all for the build-up to Christmas.  Stores put out decorations months in advance - craft stores give everyone a chance to put together a personalized gift before the leaves begin to change colors - kids start learning carols for school programs weeks into the school year.  

And yet, the same world almost mocks the forty days of preparation for Easter - Lent. 

While there are many who have scars from the human side of the church, please take a moment to prayerfully consider spending these forty days focusing on one part of your spiritual health in preparation for Easter - the single most important event of Christianity. 

There is no judgment in this - just a chance for reflection with your Lord and Savior. 

I am giving you a free sheet to help you stay motivated - check out each day as you walk through the Lenten season.  Use it with your kids - let them put a sticker in each square as you get closer to the day of our Lord's resurrection.

Free Lent Printable

There is also a place for you to write your own memory verse or inspiration.  

Make it your own.  Grow in your faith.  Experience Easter this year with a rejuvenated faith.

For more food for thought on focusing your spiritual disciplines, I'm leaving a few links you are welcome to check out.

  1. Practical steps towards spiritual discipline -  check out some common forms of spiritual discipline and how to take steps to being more disciplined. 
  2. What's so spiritual about my gifts? - a book by Henry Blackaby to help you understand the gift of the Holy Spirit
  3. Hope to pull you through - a wonderful song by Colton Dixon to help build up your hope.
  4. Easter books for your kids - a couple of suggestions to use with your kiddos from Mandy at Worshipful Living

How do you prepare for Easter?  

Marissa @ Reading List

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