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Learning Cause and Effect through a Classic Children's Book

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Learning Cause and Effect through Caps for Sale 

When you walk into a library it can be overwhelming.  Even the Children's Section is often overflowing with books for kids of all ages.  While the easiest option is always to look for the librarian and ask for some suggestions, I'll be honest, it is not always possible.  

So the question remains, how do you find a fun book to read to your kids in the stacks and stacks of options?

How about going for some classics?  Often libraries will have a shelf for classic kids books, and even more will have shelves dedicated to award winners - maybe start there...

Or, for fun, see if there is a shelf that has books that have been recognized for some other reason - like being on Reading Rainbow!  While Reading Rainbow is older, so many of the featured book still have stickers of honor for being mentioned, or read on that show.  Oh, did I mention Reading Rainbow is reemerging?  Check it out here...

For today though, let's check out a fun classic that was read on Reading Rainbow back in the day:  Caps for Sale.

Reading List shares Caps for Sale along with crafts and activities

About the Book

Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business** by Esphyr Slabodkina is a wonderful story that followers a peddler as he walks through town selling his caps. On this particular day, the peddler isn't able to sell any of his caps, and decided to walk out to country and take a rest.  While he is reading a few monkeys decide to have fun!

The peddler wakes up, and quickly becomes angry with the monkeys... how the monkeys respond is sure to bring giggles from kids of all ages!

Why We Like It

There is nothing like a bunch of monkeys acting like silly monkeys.  My kids love to hear this story because of the silly "monkey business" that add so much to this classic.  Not to mention, this is a story that I heard as a child, so there are great memories there.

I also enjoy this story because for my youngest littles, the behavior of the peddler as he gets angry with the monkeys helps to illustrate the issue we often have as parent and child - have you experienced the moments when young children do not realize what they are doing is trying your patience and so it becomes a game?  Then trust me, this is a story you will love!  

My older kids enjoy this book at story time because after we are done, we often take turns pretending to be the peddler, while the others are the monkeys - a game that is very similar to simon says....  

You see, the monkeys cannot talk, but they can mimic the actions of the peddler - and there in those pages of the story, cause and effect is wonderfully illustrated in a simple illustration that sets a wonderful foundation of comprehension for young readers and story listeners.  

The books also has patterns, repetition, sequencing and colors just in case you are working on these concepts with your kiddos. 

While the ages for this book are officially for preschoolers and up, even my toddlers enjoy this one.  My biggest suggestion for moving your toddlers from simple picture books to these longer stories is to start with just reading a sentence or two each page, but spend a few minutes on each page pointing to different parts of the illustrations.  This book has a page at each spread with a large scene that you can point to and discuss.  By spending the time on each page, even if you are not reading the actual story, you child will develop a longer attention span for the book.  You will be able to add a sentence to each page every time you read it - and before you know it your child will have an attention span for other classics like The Velveteen Rabbit!

Title: Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business
Author: Esphyr Slobodkina
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: reissued Sept 1987
For ages: 3+  (although even my toddlers enjoyed this silly one)
Type: Children's Fiction, Humor, Classic, Animals

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Call to Pinterest page and ideas  

  1. Listen to Caps for Sale (at least until you can get a copy from your library)
  2. Caps for Sale Activity craft with a paint stick
  3. Print out a whole Caps for Sale Activity pack for your kiddos
  4. Recreate the story with your kiddos with this fun printable

Did you want Reading Rainbow when it was on TV?  Do you show reruns to your kids now?  Did you have a favorite Reading Rainbow story?

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