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No Time to Read?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

No Time to Read a Novel?

Try one of these great new Novellas!

A while back I mentioned how I am enjoying the re-surge of the novella through the e-book movement.  With three young kids time to read 300, 400 and more pages of any book is hard, right?  The quick nature of a novella is perfect.  I get a chance to dip my toes into the fictional world and decide if it's worth my time to read the longer novels.  Granted, some novellas do not make sense until you have already been introduced to the world, but still, novellas have a place.

I often get asked how I read so many books.  Partly its because I just love to read - I always have a book with me, often more if you include my digital apps. The other part of it is because I am all for the speed of a novella and short story. There are great books and genres that I would never have picked up if it hadn't been for a wonderfully created novella that caught my eye.  So here are a few of the novellas I've read in 2015.  My only warning is that both of these fictional worlds fall solidly in the Science Fiction, Dystopian phase that is sweeping across the popular fiction world, especially the young adult sub-sect.

No Time to Read?

Without further ado, let me introduce you to a few quick reads if you are on the fence for what to read next.

Queen Song (Red Queen) 

By Victoria Aveyard

Queen Song By Victoria Aveyard  a Book Review on Reading List


Queen Song ** gives readers a small glimpse into the world of the Silvers in Aveyard's dystopian world, that audiences will know from Red Queen.  The story follows Cal's mother, Coriane and how she wins over Tiberias even without a Queenstrial. Coriane keeps a diary where she shares her courtship and marriage to Tiberias, as well as her love for her son Cal.  There is also a great amount of the struggles that come with being queen in a society where there is so much power and manipulation.  She struggles with nightmares and feelings of failure...


I really enjoyed getting the back story on Cal's mother.  She is mentioned in the Red Queen, but I was always wanting more.  Plus there is a ton of details that help round out many of the characters and why they are the way they are in the Red Queen.  

I am a big fan of Victoria Aveyard's characters she is able to really draw the reader in, and that is always a big plus for me. 

Oh did I mention it ends with a big twist?


The pace of this book was very slow for a large part of it.  There were a few times were it felt like it hooked me, but then I'd lull for a little.  Since the book is supposed to read like Coriane's diary, I get the purpose, I just expected something different from the genre. 

Why Read It

This book is a prequel for Red Queen, even though it was released afterward.  It is a great book to dip your toes in if you are curious about this new series.  And it really was a quick read.  

The House of the Stone (The Lone City Series)

By Amy Ewing

The House of the Stone  by Amy Ewing  a Book Review on Reading List


The House of the Stone** follows Raven Stirling from the Jewel Series.  While fans will know a little of Raven's story from Violet's vantage, this novella follows Raven's life after the Auction. Raven is bought by the Countess of the House of the Stone, who is not a nice woman in the least.  The story follows Raven's imprisonment and subsequent brainwashing while allowing the reader to see another side to this society and it's need for change. 


This book was essential to add to the back story for the Jewel books - since the first novel was only seen through Violet's eyes, the ability to have new characters and another vantage point adds unbelievable amounts of details.  It was great to see a couple of scenes through Raven's eyes, having already seen them in Violets.

The brutal nature of this evil Countess allows the reader to grasp more firmly how important it is that all people are treated with respect.  The lack of respect is hard to read in this book, and helps to develop empathy even further.


This was a brutal book.  From Violet's story it was clear that Raven was not being treated even half as well as Violet, but I never expected such a horrible story line for. The Countess is down right cruel treating Raven worse than a pet, keeping her caged, only calling her by her number (from the auction) and then torturing her in order to get what she paid for.  It is a hard read.

Why Read It

If the Jewel teaser or reviews caught your eye, but you aren't sure you can invest the time on a novel, or rather the series, this book adds some great detail.  While there will be parts that are less clear if you read this book first, I do not think it would harm your reading of the series.  Plus this novella adds a great amount to the second book in the series. 

The Favorite

By Kiera Cass

The Favorite  a Selection Novella By Kiera Cass  a quick review on Reading List


This gripping novella is a spin off from the Selection series and follows Marlee, who while in a competition to win the affections of Prince Maxon, fell in love with Carter.  This short piece follows Marlee as she is caught with Carter, which breaks her contract for the Selection, how she is punished, and how her life turns around for her happily ever after.  This is a fun glimpse into a part of the Selection that was only hinted at during the first three books of the series. 


I loved Marlee in the Selection series.  Her character is simply real and lovable, so when America finds out that Marlee is in love with Carter, and is caught and will be punished, well my heart broke too.  I wanted more on what happened to Marlee, and apparently so did a few other fans! 

This is the kind of story that leads to classic romance movies, so while there are a few hard scenes up front, it is the kind of book that really displays the power of love. 


This novella was hard to get my hands on!  I missed the window it was available as an e book, and then had to wait for it to be released again in the collection of novellas and short stories, Happily Ever After**. 

Also, I am not a fan of violence, and there is a couple of scenes in this one that made my stomach knot up.  So fair warning.

Why Read It

The Selection series is so popular, and so full of great characters and setting and plots, I think all fans of love stories would enjoy this one.  While this particular novella has a lot of secrets and details in it, it is wonderful, but might not be the best choice to read before at least reading the Selection.  However, since it is in the Happily Ever After collection, you could read any of the options to test the waters - Might I suggest the Queen or the Prince? 

My Suggested Audience

These are Science Fiction stories, which to be honest, I avoided most of my life.  However, recently I've enjoyed them since they are fast moving and need solid storylines to keep a reader's interest.  I suggest these for anyone who wants to try something new when it comes to reading, but doesn't want to spend a ton of time.  Novellas are just quick and fun!

Another quick thought - since most of you are bloggers, you enjoy reading blog articles as a way to test out an author often, right?  Think of novellas as a way to test out fiction writers. 

Novellas allow busy #moms to glimpse a story before committing to time consuming novels. @Reading_List1

Who would have to recommend a book from a genre you've never read in order for you to actually give it a try?  When was the last time you read a book from a different genre?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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