My Top Books of 2015 - Reading List

My Top Books of 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Top Books of 2015

Reading List Looks Back

Many people are talking about how fast the year went - and I get that.  The thing is, 2015 was a long year for me.  There was a lot of changes and challenges that led me out of 2014 and into the first few months of 2015.  Then I spent months finding new ways to deal with new routines.  There were a couple of things that helped, and reading was certainly one them.

Read what you want...

I dove into my reading time.  I read to my kids. I listened as my oldest started to get a handle on reading. I sat next to my kids while we all read our own books. I read on the treadmills. I read in my cozy oversized chair. I read everywhere I could!  And as a result, I actually reached my goal for my 2015 Reading Challenge. (If you want to see the break down, stop by my Goodreads challenge. I want to add, that there are a few kids books as place holders for a few of my favorites that I reread, which Goodreads doesn't count...)

My Favorites

  1. The Lunar Chronicles - I read all 5 books in this series this year because the first book just grabbed my attention quickly and each book that followed was equally fun and exciting. I recommend this Young Adult series to fans of fiction, fantasy, minor dystopian, and/or strong women main characters. 
  2. Children of the Day - I had the privilege of reading this book and participating in this group study this fall and it was simply inspiring. Beth Moore is one of my favorite Bible study teachers, and this one lived up to my expectations completely.
  3. The Legend Series - This three book series convinced me to keep reading Marie Lu's work.  She creates captivating characters. Day and June were hands down my favorite fictional couple this year. 
  4.  Red Queen - This book surprised me - it was the first book I picked up based on a Goodreads recommendation, and I loved it.  I heard some rumblings that the sequel isn't quite a good, but I'm still anxiously awaiting it's release!
  5. The Prodigal God - We read this book as a small group study, so there was a lot of deep insight and sharing that surrounded the book.  I gained some valuable insight on a new angle to one of the Bible's most famous stories.
  6. Godspace - I took a chance on this book as part of a summer workshop, and it was a serious challenge, but totally worth it.  This is one of those books that has changed me to the core, and honestly for the better.
  7. The Tales of Peter Rabbit - We read a ton of kids books, but this series was a great rediscovery. My son loves it; it is just enough of a challenge to keep him interested. Plus I'm loving these timeless characters all over again.
  8. Princess of the Midnight Ball - While researching fairy tales, I came across this book in the young teen genre - perfect for 12-14 year olds.  It was great; there was mystery, suspense, love and family. 
  9. The Selection Series - The main three books of the series were great, and in all fairness I started this series in 2014, but I finished it in 2015. There were so many characters and they all held my interest. 

My Disappointments

  1. The Delirium Series - This series was highly ranked on Goodreads, and I was totally into the story line and characters, which is why I read all three in about five weeks.  I was all ready to put this on my favorites lists back in March, and then I read the last two chapters.  A bitter disappointment.  
  2. The Heir - While The Selection series main three were awesome, this book was a complete let down.  Still, I'm planning on reading the next installment.

I am currently putting together a challenge for 2016, trying to decide on a number of books while considering a more theme based challenge. Too many options...  

Top books of 2015 from Reading List

Would you be interested in trying a reading challenge for 2016? Do you have a specific book you recommend from this year? 

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