Harvest, Littles and a Flashback - Reading List

Harvest, Littles and a Flashback

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Harvest, Littles and a Flashback

The weather over here took a dramatic turn over the weekend.  The littles had to get bundled into winter coats... the leaves fell from trees in large bunches.  There is no doubt that autumn has come.  And my first thought as I walked out into the brisk air was that there is nothing like the smell of autumn.  

It smells crisp.

Fall Harvest   A Flashback for the Harvest on Reading List

I had my oldest stand still with me and just breathe in the smell.  It was great...

So while I was sitting here, thinking of what to share with you all for my Children's Corner, my mind kept going back to a post I wrote years ago...  I hope you all enjoy it now, years later.  

And yes, we did read this fun Autumn book again this year! And our no carve pumpkins are still on display each year.

There is something so magical about Autumn.  The trees are changing, the air smells different. Sure, as adults we know what all these changes mean, but for little kids these changes can be scary on a level. And that is why I feel this season is such a great opportunity to build memories for your children that will carry throughout their lives.

We recently discovered a fun little book, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson. 

It was perfect for my little guys. You see, my oldest has noticed how the leaves are changing and falling and for him it was a little unnerving.  He is gentle spirit and was worried over the tree. This book discusses just that sentiment- a favorite tree must be sick since all the leaves are falling off. However that process is important for what is in store for the tree. And Fletcher gets to learn that nature knows how to care for itself, and we get to watch the beauty unfold.

Watching the beauty of nature, of the created world, unfold around us is a gift I hope to show to my children so they can be grateful for it.

Autumn is the perfect time to point them to such amazing gifts!

Galatians 6:9  {Reading List}

I’m sure I don’t have to remind everyone of the glorious gift that apples give, right?  There is no more joy than to see the face of a small child as he pulls the perfect apple of the tree. Of course then he proceeds to carry that perfect apple around with pride.  If you are the lucky mom who is able to pick enough to bake, you get to bless your family with the smells of apple, sugar and cinnamon – there is simply no better fall smell.

For us, the highlight of the harvest is going to a local pumpkin farm.  My boys run from pumpkin to pumpkin searching the perfect one.  Then comes the chore of finding a way to carry said pumpkin to the car… I believe my oldest even choice to eat all his veggies last night because those veggies will help him grow muscles to carry his pumpkin…

I’m thinking we might have to get an extra pumpkin this year and try out some pinterest ideas – maybe more than one…  as I’m thinking the boys would love to melt crayons on one, glitter up one, maybe even use chalk paint on one… I’m willing to give it a shot, we will be making messes anyway!

Pumpkin crafts for this year…: No carve pumpkin fun
No Carve Pumpkins  {Reading List}

Our go to snack: Pumpkin Treats!
Pumpkin Spice Treats   {Reading List}

There are so many great ways to bring the harvest into your house this autumn.  Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed.  Decide a day to go out and find something fun.  Then decide on a day to create with it.  We add in a day to “decorate”.  We have special snacks, play special music and spend the day putting together crafts and decorating for fall. Just a couple of days can create memories that will produce a love for the changes in nature. And you might just able to sneak in a conversation about the Creator of this great thing we call nature…

Since I am a huge fan of pumpkin flavored treats... what is your go to pumpkin recipe?  Thanks!

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