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For the Love: A Book Review

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

Jen Hatmaker

It is hard to in the Christian blogging world and never hear the name Jen Hatmaker.  Her blog has such a following, not to mention the books she's published, or the little TV show her family starred in.  She has a big personality that attracts women looking for an advocate to keep on trying and striving to find the right balance of wife, mother, friend while believing in the promises of Jesus.

To be honest, I have wanted to pick up one of her books for a while now.  They often are recommended to me and I add to my list.  Then something comes up and it gets pushed down on the list.  When her newest book, For the Love, was offered to me as review opportunity, I figured I would give a try.

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker  A Book Review on Reading List

Story Overview 

For the Love is a collection of thoughts written by Jen Hatmaker.  She shares her heart on the work it takes to balance a Christian calling with motherhood, marriage, work and friendship.  Each chapter looks at a different issue that Jen then ponders and works through.  True to her voice the book is full of light-hearted jokes and humor.  There are also chapter that are simply there to provide a laugh.  There is a chapter that discusses the younger generation of the church, while there are different chapters that share Jen's trials as she tries to parent her children.  Overall the book reads like a mashup of blog posts all put together in book form. 

Personal Likes

There were so many lines and chapters where I just smiled and laughed, and isn't that the whole point of a fun book?  I can see how Jen has such a following.  Her personality is clear in her writing.  She is the type of person I would want to be friends with if we were in the same church or social setting.  I can also appreciate her desire to tackle tough topics of the Christian church.  There are flaws in all humans and their attempts at work, she doesn't seem to skirt away from these truths.

I really enjoyed reading the chapter on her dinner parties. It was fun to hear how her daily life goes, and how she connects with her friends.

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker  A Book Review on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

The obvious issue for me was the lack of focus throughout the book.  Each chapter felt very separate from the last, which for some this might be a good thing, but in my opinion that is what blogs are for. 

Another issue, I could not really put my thumb on for a while, but after much digging and analyzing, I am realizing it's her approach the Christianity.  She is what my church friend would call "Christianity light" - meaning she glosses over the power of Jesus and His part in our salvation, instead focusing on the need to love others.  The "love is all you need" kind of religion, if you will.  Normally, I wouldn't pick on this, but her audience is looking to her for knowledge and wisdom - this is dangerous.  A person with her kind of influence needs to always point others to Jesus, not a Jesus plus mentality.  

I did read some of her blog posts about halfway through the book, and to be honest, it seems like this is her writing voice.  I guess, for a Christian motivational writer, I had hoped for some more true Gospel, and less people pleasing. 

Reasons to Read

The only real reason to pick up this book is if you are a fan of Jen Hatmaker's writing.  If you want a good laugh while you read, then by all means pick this one up. 

Reading List Rating

Two heart rating on Reading List

I can only give this book a two heart rating.  I was hoping for so much more.  My low rating is certainly influenced by the gap that resulted from the reality of this book compared to my expectations. 

My Suggested Audience

I would only suggest this book to fans of Jen Hatmaker. Hopefully those of you who do pick up this book will have a solid foundation in Truth and the power of Jesus' saving Grace.  I would not recommend this to new believers, as it could result in some confusion over the truth of the Gospel.  

What does this season require of you? Unsure? Ask God.  #FortheLove  @JenHatmaker @Reading_List1

Are you a fan of Jen Hatmaker?  Would you recommend a different book of hers to help me see why so many of her books are bestsellers?  

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

**I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a honest review.  All of the above opinions are my own.  

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