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Trace and Learn, a Special Children's Corner

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Children's Corner

With school now in full swing for so many, I keep hearing parents lamenting how their kids simply have no desire to read, or write for that matter.  They discuss how their kids simply want to watch movies and cartoons, or play video games.  Granted some say how their kids would rather be outside playing, and hey, I'm all for the outside time.  But let's be honest, there takes a level of intentionality when it comes to raising children who do want to read and write.

That purpose and focus on raising kids who love books starts young.  Take the time to really look through some books, at your library or local bookstore, and find books that will engage your youngest kids.  Really as soon as kids can sit in your lap, they can start to listen to books as you read to them.  Find books that engage them.  Books where you can help them touch the pictures and feel textures, books that have flaps... or books that allow them to trace!

The Motion Adds

There is something amazing that happens when we physically write something with our hands.  The act of writing connects so many different parts of our brains that we are able to remember it more clearly.  So when it comes to teaching how to write, teachers (moms are always teachers!) often put out copy work for kids to trace in order to learn.  The question is, what about those younger kids who aren't really holding writing tools well, or at all, yet?  Do we have to wait?  

Of course not!

We started our journey of writing with our youngest, with tracing in this super fun book, P is for Princess.  Yes, very girly, but she loves it!  Each page is full of colorful images, and tons of flaps to flip over and learn new words for the letter of the page.

The reason why I love it?

Each page has a letter, and that letter is indented, so I can gently guide her finger through the letter. My boys even even enjoy how specific the traceable letters are because there are numbered lines in the letters that tell you the order of the steps.

This is the kind of book that you could spend hours on with your kids. Even better, they could spend hours with this book while you get something else done.

The Options (well some of them)

While I'll admit, I was shocked that there aren't a million of these books out there, then again maybe I'm not searching correctly, I have discovered some fun options in books.  

  1. Disney Princess P Is for Princess **
  2. A Is for Apple (Trace-and-Flip Fun!) (Smart Kids Trace-and-Flip) **
  3. 1 2 3 Count with Me (Trace-and-Flip Fun!) **
  4. Wipe Clean
Of course the internet is a great resource, because there are a ton of fun printables you could use to practice tracing as well.  We often print these out then place them in clear sheet protectors and use erasable markers to practice.  Of course the finger tracing method is always an option for the younger kids. 

Have you taught your kid through tracing?  What is your go to traceable practice?

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