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For Those Kids Who Just "will not read this book"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Children's Corner

There are numerous children who simply refuse to sit down at the end of the day to read a book. In fact, these are often the same children who simply refuse to go to bed.  The ones who want endless drinks of water, or trips to the bathroom, or whose pjs simply never feel right.  Do you know one of these kiddos?  

You know the type.  They, for whatever reason, just want to avoid the bedtime routine and stay up all night.  They probably figure the world is exciting and full of amazing moments after they fall asleep (of course they do not realize it is in those moon-lit evenings when moms and dads do more chores than anyone thinks possible...).  Of course these kiddos are not trying to drive all us insane.  They are not trying to unwind the very last string of patience, they are simply trying to eek out a few more seconds of the day.

Well here is a fun bedtime read that just might get them to crawl between the covers and snuggle into bed on time... well maybe.

I Will Not Read This Book  by Cece Meng  featured on Reading List as part of Children's Corner

I Will Not Read This Book

By Cece Meng  Illustrated by Joy Ang

About the Book

I Will Not Read This Book** is a silly story that reads the way so many kids sound as soon as mom or dad say it is time to get ready for bed.  The laundry lists of "I need"  or "I don't want" that can stretch bedtime.

The little boy in the story is carrying a bedtime book around, making a long, exaggerated list of what he will do instead of reading his bedtime book. Surprisingly in the end, he realizes a little time in mom's arms before bed might just be worth hearing this book.

Why We Like It

My boys like this book because it is just silly.  The little boy repeats his list and adds to it, making the situation more and more hysterical, especially to small children.  I mean, who isn't laughing looking at a picture of a kid who would rather hang upside down by one toe while a dragon blows smoke at him?  Oh yes, and that is only a small glimpse of this imagination.

The illustrations also make this a fun read.  The imagery feels like a child's imagination come to life on the page.

Of course, it ends perfectly, mom catches him as he falls from his precarious imagined situation just in time for a bedtime cuddle and book. 

Title: I Will Not Read This Book
Author: Cece Meng
Illustrator:  Joy Ang
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: September 2011
For ages: Preschool - 7

Check out these fun options to get your kids in bed on time!

  1. Get in a few more activities before bed with this fun list to help avoid Witching Hour.
  2. Play with this Lavender Playdoh to calm children in those last minutes before bed routine begins. 
  3. Try a few yoga poses with your kiddos to relax everyone after bathtime, or try this book
  4. Give your kiddo a bottle of his own Monster Spray to help with any fears that might linger.
  5. A few more ideas for a stellar bedtime routine that includes books!

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What are some of the excuses your children give you in order to squeeze out a few more minutes before bed?  How do you respond?

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