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Color Dance: A Children's Corner Feature

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Children's Corner

Color Dance

By Ann Jonas

Children's Corner on Reading List

About the Book

This is a great book to read aloud to your young kids.  The drawings show the words perfectly; so there are dancers on each page (modern dance, ballet...?) that are dancing with large sheer fabric.  Each dancer represents a certain color.  The story shows that when different colors are mixed they can form new colors, and there are many shades of those colors.


Why We Like It

I picked this up right after I had read Bunheads, and was in a dancing mood.  Since we have been reviewing colors with my son, and introducing them to the baby, I figured I would enjoy this one at least.  My son actually got very into it.  He liked the way the pictures made the fabric appear to move from page to page.  He also was very glad to see some colors that are in his gigantic crayon collection that are hardly ever mentioned in books.

I'm not sure they are still teaching primary and secondary colors now... my oldest learned about color wheels, that had way more than those basic six starter colors, but this book at least covers all parts of those color lessons.  And that of course is worth check it out for!

Besides, it's just a fun little book to share colors.  

Title: Color Dance ** 
Author: Ann Jonas
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: Oct 1989
For ages: 2-8 years
Type: Children's books, Art, Dance, Colors

Check out #ColorDance and some fun color #activities to teach your kiddos about colors! @Reading_List1

Here are some great ideas for some color activities to do to help cement the ideas of the book in your kiddos minds.  

How do you teach colors with your little kids? Do they love getting messy while learning?

Marissa on Reading List

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