Wind Warrior: A Teen's Corner Feature - Reading List

Wind Warrior: A Teen's Corner Feature

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teen's Corner

Wind Warrior a book review feature on Reading List

Last week I shared a fun little sneak peek, that seemed to intrigue many... but didn't give away much of anything.  Of course it meant that I wanted to share it with everyone.

Wind Warrior (World Aflame #1)

by Jon Messenger

Wind Warrior Quote  by Jon Messenger    Feature on Reading List

About the Book

Xander is the quiet one in college, still living at home with his parents, wanting to find a place to belong that isn't his family. Little does he know that what his family has to give him will give him a serious place to belong and purpose for life.

He finds that he has the ability to control wind. A power that was past to him from his grandfather.  While he is still finding out how to use his new powers, Sammy, a Fire Warrior, finds Xander and starts a war.

Trying to decide which sides to trust and how to protect his family and the world force Xander to pick up a new life he never even dreamed of. 

Why We Like It

This is one of those teen books that can easily pull kids into a world of good versus evil while filling their brains with lessons of love and life.  The best part of this book is that Xander is a strong male protagonist that also has emotions and intelligent thought even as life spirals around him, quite literally. He is strong, and passionate while staying loyal to his family, even as their secrets all pile up on him.

Also, Sammy's story line adds so much to this first book in the series, that I can see how this could be a series that teens latch on to see where the war takes everyone.

This is a very clean read. Yes there is a ton of action, and some violence, but there isn't anything that isn't necessary for the story and it's not gory.  There is also a love story developing between Xander and Sammy, but it doesn't get hot and heavy, at least not in this first book (I haven't read the rest of the series...).

Title:  Wind Warrior
Author: Jon Messenger
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication Date: December 2013
For ages: 13+
Type: Teen Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Science Fiction

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