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Split Second A Book Review

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Split Second

By Kasie West

Did you read last week's review about Pivot Point?  No?   Stop over.

Did you like it?  Were you curious about it?  Did you pick it up?

Well, if it interested you, you will want to read today's review as I share my thoughts on the sequel.

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Story Overview 

Split Second (Pivot Point)** is the sequel for Pivot Point.  Kasie West pulls the reader into the world of Addison and Laila soon after time has caught up for Addison after she glimpses the possible futures she has after her parents tell her they are getting a divorce.  

This book has a new voice, as each chapter volleys between Addison view and Laila's view.  The result allows the reader to have a ton of knowledge, but not enough to know everything.  

This book takes a closer look into the government's control over the city and the country. The idea of when is control too much?  When is it not enough?  Where's the line when it comes to making people safe? As the characters start to grow up and mature a little through experience they start to realize that there is such a thing as too many laws and boundaries. The best part is that both girls come to different decisions on how to respond to an overbearing government, which rings true to life.

Personal Likes

I loved how this story helps to show where Addison ends up.  After Pivot Point, I was left with so many questions and what ifs, but most of them were explained in this book, which really makes me happy.

Also, I love finding out more about characters, and that is always a plus in sequels.   It was nice to get so much more on Laila and her life, as there wasn't much in the first book.  She was very important to Addison's decision in the first book, yet we didn't know too much about her. So it was refreshing to get her perspective and life story.

Split Second  by Kasie West a Book Review on Reading List   http://forfunreadinglist.blogspot.com/2015/08/split-second-book-review.html

Personal Dislikes

I am not a big fan of books that shift first-person point-of-view over and over in a story. I'm often left confused and have to re-read.  So as the book started, I was very concerned that each chapter switched between Addison and Laila.  And yes, there were a few more characters to keep track of because of the two different view points.  By the halfway point though, I was enjoying the back and forth.  West did a great job of keeping the story moving through both vantages, and I didn't really have to backtrack to figure out what was going on each time the perspective switched. 

To be honest, I really didn't have an issue with the book.  I enjoyed the first one, and the second one was great, because it followed as I hoped.  If Pivot Point wasn't a book you enjoyed, then this isn't going to be on your list.  And that's fine.

Reasons to Read

The major conflict of the book came about because Addison decided to lie, particularly to her parents, which is needed for the story line.  However, this is exactly why this is a perfect series for parents to read with their teenagers.  It is a great tool to allow literature to set up a scenario that allows conversation on topics that are hard to bring up with our kids.

Of course, if you picked up Pivot Point, and enjoyed it, you have to read this one.  It is a must!

Reading List Rating

Five heart rating on Reading List

I'm giving this book a five heart rating because it was everything I wanted in a sequel.  Yes, there are some mature scenes, but nothing I would expect in the book.  Overall this was a great read.

My Suggested Audience

This is clearing a teen book.  I would suggest at least sixteen years old who are into science fiction and/or love stories.  And of course for those who have read Pivot Point.

Also, parents of teens, this would be a fun option to read because it would allow some dialogues that would be great to have with your kids; discussions on lying and trusting others; the power of government; when and how citizens need to respond to the government.

Addison and Laila are best friends.  What book have you read where the friendship impacted you?  Was there a book that taught you want best friends were?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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