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Pamper Yourself, Gift Friends, Serve Others

Friday, August 14, 2015

Have you ever felt like your ability to care for yourself has been pushed aside as you care for the rest of your family? Your kids demand time and attention which takes away from the time you have for your own needs.  We've all heard that we need "put the mask" on ourselves before we help others (been on an airplane recently?), but let's be honest, survival isn't the same as taking time to relax and feel special, real pampering.

ilybox Review on Reading List

What if you could treat yourself to a special little something once a month that would also help to inspire you to do a little something each day to grow in your faith?  Would you give it a try?

I was given the opportunity to try out Ily Box and it was so awesome to get a specially packed gift in the mail that was for me to enjoy.

  • There was also a chocolate bar and a bath moisturizing bomb... it was like they wanted me to indulge in a soak while refilling my coco bank.  

Psalm 31:10

  • There was a very cool waterproof notebook, which is nice because I am not overly concerned with leaving it on the table next to where the kids are learning how to use "big" kid cups... oh yeah, spills galore...

  • My favorite was a stretch nylon bracelet. My wrists are pretty small, and those rubber bracelets that are popular have never fit, but this one stretches, which means it's smaller to begin with... equals a bright bracelet I can wear often. 

Since this is a monthly subscription, you could get a box each month with new surprises to inspire, challenge and pamper yourself.

I'm thinking that while I wouldn't necessarily want or need a box each month, I could gift a different friend each month, or some of the months.  It is hard to keep close friends in the midst of crazy kid and family schedules.  I would be greatly blessed if one of my friends gifted such a box to me.

Oh I haven't even mentioned the best part...  Ily box donates a box to a woman in need. You can even pick the location: women in jail, in a hospital, or in a shelter.
We strive to meet Jesus’ command in Mark 16:15 that says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Ily box website

What do you think?  Would you enjoy this little treat?   How do you pamper yourself, a step toward spoil, not just survive, during the crazy busy seasons?

Marissa, writer at Reading List

Do you want to want to try out an Ily Box?  I've been given a code I can share with you all so you can get a 10% discount.  When you Ily Box, just give them my code: VIPMD10

**I did receive a free box of products from Ily Box at no cost.  The above review is 100% my personal opinion. All links are to the products, but they are not affiliate links, so I do not receive any thing if you choose to purchase a box or specific product.  Since the links will be taking you to a new third party site, please know that any thing you click may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers or using web beacons to collect information. 

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