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The Digital Book Novella Picks Up Speed

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Since you are spending some of your valuable time today reading this little corner of mine, I am willing to bet you enjoy reading at some level.  Am I right?

Do you wish you could find more time to sit back with a good book? Are you feeling like you simply don't have the time to read anything besides some short internet articles?

The Guard by Kiera Cass, Image from Epic Reads  Discussion on Reading List

I hear you, I really do.  I know so many who stop by here are sure I spend all day reading books since I review many and share even more on social media.  To be honest, I do read a ton.  I love books.  I love learning about culture and the world, even in fiction, through stories that others have experienced.  Recently I've been told this is a key part to why I'm an introvert.... But that's not the point.

The fact is that our society is seeing a dramatic shift away from reading books because it requires the reader to wait and work towards the reward of learning the story.  In other words, attention spans are shortening as we get more and more instantly. And publishers are realizing they have to adapt slightly in this new market.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand    How publishing companies are helping to lessen the wait...  Discussion on Reading List

Enter the ebook novella trend. This is especially popular with the younger audiences of fiction, mostly those twenty-five and under.

Since I have spent the month of July thus far sharing from The Selection Series, I am going to use this as my example, just know this is not exclusive to this series.

Fictional series are becoming very popular, although the idea is not new.  Think Anne of Green Gables,  The Boxcar Children, The Hardy Boy Mysteries, etc. What is new, is how quickly readers want the newest edition.  Authors can only write so fast, especially authors who value writing well developed and edited pieces (these are my favorite authors by the way).  So what is a publishing company supposed to do?

Put out novellas to help fill in back story to the series of course!

In The Selection Series there are four novellas that add to the story through some of the side characters

  • The Queen - Find out how Queen Amberly's Selection process was. Side note, this is not the fairy tale you'd expect
  • The Prince - Get the back story of Prince Maxon, and who the first girl was that caught his eye.
  • The Guard - Dive deeper into Aspen Leger, the third corner of this love triangle.
  • The Favorite - This story gives more detail to one specific event from The Selection story, and it is only available as part of the collection book until Oct 2015... and it's the only one I haven't read yet
There was a high demand for more from author Kiera Cass, and the publishing copy could quickly turn out these quick little additions. While these were all originally released as ebooks, they are going to be available in print, Happily Ever After, come Oct 2015. 

To be honest, I really enjoy this trend.  I love rich, deep characters in fiction. In fact I expect a good author to put time into each character, not just one or two.  These short books allow for that to a new extent. 

The best part?   These can be read in just a couple of hours!  The perfect fit into crazy busy schedules.  

Why am I telling you this?   Well if any of the reviews I have shared this month intrigued you, but you do not have much time to devote to a long series, try one of these novellas and see if you enjoy the way Cass writes.  If you are still interested, then go for the series, you will already know that it won't be a waste of your reading time!

Is there a book series you would have loved to have gotten more details out of? A character you wish the author could have expanded on in this fashion?  

***If you are considering adding these books to your collection, please click the affiliate link below and support Reading List in the process.  Thank you!

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