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Silly Poetry Books

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I have had a goal for years in doing my best to allow my kids to love reading and books.  Practically speaking that means I do my best to have book time every day with my kids and once a week we make a trip to the local library.  While at the library I pretty much have always allowed my kids to pick out the books they most wanted to read.

I remember walking into the library as a young child and being in awe at the choices, and the freedom to pick.  Quickly I found a section in the kids wing that had books I loved to look at, and I didn't veer far from it.  And now, I see my kids doing the same thing.

This is a great thing.  However, in the freedom given, they have missed out on some great genres and authors.  For the summer, I have decided to be a little proactive in choosing library books.  while they are still allowed to pick a fun book each week, they also have to pick a non-fiction books on a topic they pick and a poetry book.

In the process we have discovered some hysterical poems!

Ten Silly Poetry Books for Kids of All Ages

Won't you hop on over to the Mother-Daughter Book Reviews site to see my list?

Ten Silly Poetry Books for kids of all ages   A list to start with from Reading List

I know there are many more options, but this is just are current ten favorites.  Stop over and check it out!

If you want, leave a comment below with what you would add...

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