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A New Day...

Monday, April 27, 2015

It is amazing how somethings in life fade away so quickly we hardly even remember while other things we can't shake off no matter how hard we try.

I've let go of writing on here for almost a whole year... in fact I've stopped writing for others completely, and only jotted down some minor points for myself.  I've checked the facebook page once in awhile to dip my toes back in the pool of this blogging world I so enjoy.  For the most part though I've been completely immersed in the world of my family.  And I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone reading this just how much a family can consume when you allow it. Don't hear me wrong, my time was well spent, and I enjoyed the time I could dedicate to them without the pull of the web on me.

And yet this little corner whispered to me.  My prayers would lead me back to this small corner I slowly carved years ago...

So I'm not sure what that is going to look like because there are new words coming to me daily now for a project I dare not share at this time... but the books, the writing and all of you, well I couldn't stay away any longer.

Starting in May Reading List is going to chug back to life...

A New Day

I've hoping to host Cozy Reading Spot still, so dig out the posts you want to share, you know I'll want to see them!

And I've got a huge pile of reviews I can't wait to share.

I might sneak in some personal posts once in awhile also, more like Reading list from 2013...

And maybe, just maybe we'll start to evolve this little corner into a shining light that beckons many to relax in.

So mark your calendars... grab your cup of coffee...

And I'll see you all in May!

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