Book Preview: Surprised by Motherhood - Reading List

Book Preview: Surprised by Motherhood

Friday, March 28, 2014

I blog because I've loved to write for decades. I was writing stories with my friends as a young child.  Creative writing assignments were my favorite in school.  And that is why whenever I can I stop by Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday community on Fridays.  She shares a single word, and a ton of us write what comes to mind for five minutes.  That's it.  And it is fun!

Surprised by Motherhood - a book preview  {Reading List}

So when I heard Lisa-Jo was releasing her first book I wanted to be part of the launch team!  Her writing is just great fun, and I knew I would love her book.

So I've been sneaking in some time to read the first three chapters before the release of her book, and they are great!  I was laughing out loud at many different points.  

Surprised by Motherhood, Lisa-Jo Baker's first book comes out on April 1st, and I cannot recommend it enough!  Seriously, order it early, or stop by your favorite book store and pick one up, or add it to your wishlist for mother's day.

I know I've added it to my wish list!  I mean all of us moms need to read encouraging words that lift us up and make us laugh right?  

Surprised by Motherhood  {Reading List}

Do you want a sneak peak of the book?  Stop by Lisa-Jo's and down load the first three chapters to get you started!  Click here!

Are you looking for an uplifting book to make you smile as a mom? What surprised you once you entered the world of motherhood? Join the conversation!

Marissa {Reading List}

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