Children's Corner: Pete the Cat - Reading List

Children's Corner: Pete the Cat

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

There are so many wonderful children's books out there, aren't there?  Then again, there are some read duds.  So, I'm going to continue my (hopefully) weekly reviews of Children's books here in 2014!

My boys love books, and I am so happy about that.  So my goal is that on Tuesdays I'll have a short review of a book we are currently enjoying.  That being said my boys are young, four and two, which will impact which books tend to show up here.  That's not to say that there won't be some books on the Tuesday's Children's Corner that fit into different age groups, as I am doing some books reviews on Children's Literature.

Children's Corner  {Reading List}

And like always, I love to hear what you are reading to your kids so leave me a note any time and I'll check it out. Or if you are interested in writing a guest post on a book or author your kids are in love with, send me an email and we can work something out.

Our current favorite book is actually a series of books:

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses  {Reading List}

There are quite a few books that are in this series, and even better many of them are on youtube with the author narrating.  Let me just say, when I've reached my limit of reading the same book ten times in one day, it is nice to play the book on youtube for my boys!  Here's are current favorite:

Pete the Cat is (surprise) a cat that lives a life that many young children might be able to relate to - he goes to school, he has favorite clothes, and feels emotions.  Each story follows Pete as he learns to take what life hands out in stride and keep on going.  

This is a great tool for when my kids are struggling with expressing emotions of disappointment or even anger as we can look to see how Pete reacted, and try something similar. Usually this means "singing" our "song" and moving on with life.  

My boys even received little Pete the Cat dolls for Christmas, and we must read to Pete every night!  It's amazing. 

I would highly recommend these books to parents of young kids (ages 2-6) that want to bring up positive problem solving techniques in a new way. You'll be surprised how fast these quick little stories wrap themselves around your littles brains.

Reading List Rating:
Five coffee cup rating  {Reading List}

Do you use books to help teach your kids how to respond to life?  What is their favorite go to lesson in a book?  I'd love to hear from you!

Marissa  {Reading List}

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