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Children's Corner: Look- Alikes Jr.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In case you haven't already guessed, I'm not the most creative person in the world.  I just can't come up with things on my own, which is why I'm so into reading about other's great creativity!  My kids however are full of imagination and want to create all the time.  This probably explains my semi-addiction to pinterest... but I digress...

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As a result of my desire to keep my boys' imaginations growing, I was thrilled when we came across this super neat book at the library recently.  Now, this might not be the go to book for learning to read, but as far as really learn to observe and then create, this book is amazing.

Look-Alikes Jr. The more you look, the more you see! is full of fun imagery on every single page.

Look-Alikes Jr   {Reading List}

You see, each page has a large scene on it, but the scene is made up of objects that I would never think could be used to create that picture.

Like the first page, and cover, is of a space shuttle and astronaut (which is why it caught my son's eye). And at first glance you might not even notice that this isn't actually a space shuttle and astronaut picture.  Nope, this is a coffee thermos, with a badminton birdie and batteries! And the flames coming out of the shuttle... well look closely...

Each page is like this.

We have spent hours over the past week just giggling over the objects  used to create these scenes.  My boys think it is absolutely hysterical, and I find it amazing that someone came up with this.  Honestly, I never, ever would have!

As far as learning applications, as I'm trying to work on pre-reading skills in my oldest, we are using this to discuss what we see, and details.  It allows for open discussion of what is on the page.  And of course you have to hold the book in the correct position to even see the images, so I think there are some valuable lessons hidden in this visual book.

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Have you ever gotten your hands on one of these super fun books?  How do your kids (older than babies) do with picture books, do you even look at them? Do you always read books to your kids, or do you allow them to make up stories based on the images?  Join the conversation!
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