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The Riddles of Hillgate

Monday, September 30, 2013

I had the pleasure of reading a new book for young readers (maybe around 12ish?).  The Riddles of Hillgate is a fun mystery full of mystery and ghosts.  The mother/daughter team takes you through many riddles in the book that kept me interested. 

It's fairly quick paced and a super easy read.  I would recommend this fun book to any young reader (or young at heart reader) looking for some mystery and ghosts stories this Halloween season!  

Oh and a bonus?  Amazon has this first in the series book for free! I know right?

Reading List Rating:

Do your kids like mysteries? What age would you allow your kid to read a "ghost" mystery?

Oh and I know these tours are a little on the new side, but they allow me to share fun giveaways!  So scroll to the bottom and try your hand at the $25 for Amazon!

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The Riddles of Hillgate Zoey Kane is known around Riverside for making risky purchases. When her daughter Claire learns a most recent investment is eighty acres on the haunted side of town, she is simply flabbergasted. Amazement takes over the whole community, however, when an old mansion is discovered deep within trees. After the estate is turned into a popular hotel, no one could have expected just how risky this purchase would be.
Riddles of Hillgate is currently FREE!
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The Z&C Mysteries are a fresh, unique series, where the mother and daughter can kick butt in heels if they have to. The situations can get very scary, but nothing is ever too gory. The reading is clean, while also vibrant. It's just plain fast-paced fun.   About the Authors Molly Snow, award-winning author of YA fiction, writes mysteries under the pseudonym Claire Kane with her mother who writes under Zoey Kane. Together, they have lots of fun writing Z&C Mysteries.  

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 Excerpt 1

 The 1980’s Datsun bucked and sputtered as Zo slowed and then parked the car. “It’s not the greatest, but neither was my van.” Claire gave a sympathetic smile. “That Max guy is so nice letting you borrow it today. I just hope it doesn’t keel over while we’re using it.” “True that.” In the distance to their left, was an old and rusty industrial location. To their right were acres of overgrown wilderness. There was a tall, black iron gate sitting a few feet away, guarding the overgrowth. They walked to the gate along a cracked and uneven sidewalk, watching their step along the way. Claire craned her neck to look up to the top of the rust-speckled barrier. Nothing else was in sight but the monstrous gate and chaotic green growth. She was not feeling optimistic, but decided to try to look like whatever her mom wanted to show her was wonderful in some sort of way. “Surprise!” Zo smiled with great energy. “You bought Stephen King’s fence?” “Well, and a bit of land.” “How much land was that again?” “Approximately eighty acres. It is described as a hill.” Claire couldn’t hold back the look of feeling further disappointment, as her eyebrows raised and her lips stayed zipped tightly. “Oh, now settle down. This is exciting. I haven’t even tromped through this land yet. You and I together will be the very first time. That is why I told you to wear long pants and sturdy shoes.” “You don’t even know what it all looks like? Mother? This is on the east side of the river: the downtrodden, worse than ghetto, poor and unkempt area. Nobody ever has reason to travel to this side of town. It’s a ‘no no.’ There are even horrible urban ghost stories about this area.” So much for the “wonderful” pretense. She immediately felt guilt wash over her, knowing that Penny and the others already did a thorough job of making her mother feel miserable. “Yes, I admit, I have heard those stories, too. And I do believe in ghosts, but I thought you didn’t, my dear.” Claire cocked her head. “You’re right. I don’t, but—” She stopped herself, not wanting any more regrets. Zo unzipped a compartment to her faux-snakeskin purse to reveal an old, large key. “This is it, Claire. Let’s have some fun.”

Excerpt 2:
 Serena DuBois showed up on a rush order to the front steps of the magnificent estate at about 4 p.m. Guests wouldn’t arrive until 6. Serena was a blues singer from Charlotte, very well known, having a voice compared to warm syrup by the media. She was part Hispanic and part French and looked as beautiful as a flower. “I’ll wear this for tonight.” She laid out a white, glittering, slinky dress. Her hair was already done up, with curls adorning her heart-shaped face. “Wonderful!” Zo clapped her hands. “We’ll invite the media tonight,” Claire said. “They’ll eat it up.” But something very unexpected happened that night—limos were replaced by multiple taxi cabs, hearses, and older cars in general. The ushers opened the doors to reveal witches, vampires and ghosts. “It’s near July,” Claire said. “Did they mistake it for October?” Zo explained to Miss DuBois that the crowd had changed to a rather freaky crowd of “Children of the Night.” “That’s not for me, Ms. Kane,” Miss DuBois informed Zo an hour later. “I can solve both our problems; my cousin, Fanny Gwen! She’ll be here within the hour, way before show time. Just pay her what you were going to pay me.” “But…,” protested the confused and worried hotel entrepreneur. “It will be okay,” assured the glistening singer as she picked up her bags and walked out the door. Claire helped the next guest. The dashing vampire spoke, overemphasizing his Rs, “Do you have a r-r-r-r-oom, lovely lady?” He smiled, showing long pointy fangs. “Let’s see, and you would be Count Dracula?” “You can call me Lucas… Will you be coming with the r-r-r-oom?” “Don’t bother with me, Lucas. I have tired blood. It will just run you down, and you won’t be able to go to your Socialist meetings.” “No matter, as long as you have fresh blood refrigerated and ready to be served in iced goblets.” “We have some very Bloody Marys, garnished with Tabasco and celery.” “Okay, sister. Heavy on the Tabasco!” He winked, threw his cape around to the other shoulder, and walked away, key in hand. A heavy woman entered the lobby with great drama. “I feel the trapped spirits in this hotel, even now.” She laid down, arms spread out. “I must commune!” Bob, coming through the doors, stopped abruptly before stepping on the one who “must commune.” “Just step around her. She is not presently available for comment.” Bob immediately placed a call on his cell. “Bring extra video. Tonight is going to be out of this world—literally!” “I suggest setting up in the ballroom, Bob.” “Thanks, Claire.” Off he went, whistling. “Hi. I’m singing tonight,” a gravelly voice said as Claire was reviewing the names of the guests: Grave Gary, Pricilla Dead, Marcel, Prince of Mist, Dr. K., Midnight Man, Ted Johnson (crossed out), Pooky Boo!… Looking up revealed an abundantly endowed woman with black, ratted hair and a spike collar. She was wearing her favorite torn and hole-dotted dress, which stopped just above her chubby knees covered in black torn stockings. “I’m Fanny Gwen. I’m singing tonight.” “Riiiight… Up the stairs to the third floor ballroom. Make yourself comfortable.” “I will. My band will be here in two minutes.” “I’ll send them up,” said Claire, before speedily calling her mom. When Zo answered, Claire said, “Motherrrrr! Shouldn’t we talk? Soon?”

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