September Feature - Reading List

September Feature

Saturday, September 07, 2013

I know others share this thought, but where did summer fly off to? I can't believe it's Semptember already, with fall so quickly upon us, it always surprises me when the cooler weather sets in.

I might have neglected August when it came to featuring a blog, but I was just too into enjoying summer still.  But now that school has started back up it's easier to jump back into a routine, so I'm sharing a newer favorite of mine this month, I hope you can find a moment to check out Alyssa's new blog, Sunrise Avenue! If you do, make sure you say hi.

Sunrise Avenue

Book blogging has very quickly, and very easily, become one of my favorite things. I started a few months ago and am so happy I added it alongside my other blog, Christian Sugar Addict. It has opened so many doors of opportunity, new worlds, and new friends. 

I like to participate in a few weekly linkups that talk about all things bookish, but most importantly, I get to know the person behind the blog. This post was one of my most viewed Top Ten posts.

Behind the blog monday {Reading List} monthly feature

A brand new link up I enjoy is called Behind the Blog. This is a great example of what we share about ourselves. One of the great opportunities that I get as a book blogger, is the chance to read and review books before they are officially released.

I got the chance to do that recently for the great Christian Romance author, Tracie Peterson. I would recommend it to any fan of that genre! Check it out here. I love being able to support new authors, and some of my favorite authors! I can't wait to share some FANTASTIC books with you during the month of September! 

Obviously, I love to read, and I bet you like to as well. So lastly, I will share with you my top six books of far. Three of the six are superb Christian novels that I encourage you to check out if you haven't yet!
Top 6 Books of 2013 (for the first half)  {Reading List}

alyssa from sunrise avenue {Reading List} monthly featureAlyssa is a wife and stay at home mom to Baby Girl (currently 10 months). Her blog Sunrise Avenue is her new home for blogging about all things book related. Alyssa loves to read and review Christian fiction and non-fiction, YA, and fantasy novels. When she isn't playing with Baby Girl, Alyssa can be found reading, blogging, drinking coffee, watching Doctor Who on Netflix, or hanging with family. She also blogs about life, God and baking at The Christian Sugar Addict. Find her also on Twitter  or Goodreads.

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