An Interview with Stacey Thacker {Giveaway} - Reading List

An Interview with Stacey Thacker {Giveaway}

Friday, September 06, 2013

In case you missed it, I shared a book this week that I absolutely love, Being Ok With Where You Are by Stacey Thacker.  (Want to see my review? It's over here.)  I had the amazing priveldge of being there as Stacey worked through this amazing book and have been blessed to have a tiny Q&A with her this week.

You see, this book was great, but Stacey is such a delightful person, she is truly insightful and encouraging, so I wanted to share a little more about her as well. I kept it short, as I know we are all very busy.

Being Ok With Where You Are  An Interview {Reading List}


Q. What inspired you, Stacey, to write this specific book, Being Ok With Where You Are? 

Being Ok With Where You Are An Interview {Reading List}
A. About a year ago, I was moving through a normal, busy day as mom and God quietly whispered the title "How to Really Be OK with Where You Are" into my heart. I thought it was catchy and might turn it into a blog series. Later that day, a dream I had been pursuing fell through my fingertips in the form of a short email. I was devastated and had a real life application for "Being OK With Where You Are." I thought through my disappointment and sketched out an outline. Eventually, it made more sense to me to write a book instead. 

Q.  When did you find the time to write this book?

A. I started writing the actual book in January 2013 when I had the time. By spring, I was feeling like I needed some accountability and re-visited the idea  of a blog series. I turned the book writing into a blog "event" inviting my readers to come by every Monday during the summer for portions of each chapter. This was a fun way to write with friends and get instant feedback. I finished the first draft in July. 

Q.  Did you dream of being a writer as a child?

A. I think I dreamed more of being a professional cheerleader or Broadway singer. However, I do recall starting a newspaper in the 6th grade and writing articles with my classmates. We provided "memeograph" copies to the entire 6th grade and I was the editor! I loved it!

Q.   What is your biggest hope with this book?

A.  This verse comes to mind " Whenever I speak, my words will always praise Him." Psalm 34:1 -- My hope is that my words will praise Him and encourage women caught in discontentment to trust Jesus.

Q. What is your main advice for writers out there?
Stacey Thacker  Being Ok With Where You Are  An Interview  {Reading List}
A. Listen on the page. Don't force it. Make time to write. Find accountability. Write your story. Be you. 

Looking for more from Stacey?  Check out her site!

And because Stacey is so generous, she is giving away a pdf copy of this amazing book!  Trust me, if you haven't already purchased this one, you will want to try for this giveaway!
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