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Friday, August 16, 2013

To say that it is easy to look at someone else and see what you want is an understatement. I mean it only takes about two minutes online to find someone else who is doing what I dream of doing, plus a million things I'd like to try, doing them all perfectly and still no fault in sight.

And yes I do know that what people put on the internet is a simple snapshot of their lives.

And I also know that when we take snapshots, real or not, we crop out the ugly parts.  The parts that don't compliment the scene we want others to notice.  And then, of course, others don't see that part.  They only see what is included in that flat image.

Sure once in while a "real-life" image is shared. But it is shared with a joke, with a shrug - the admittance to it is still thought through and accepted before shared (almost all the time). And really that real-life, not so perfect image doesn't do much to the overall impression.

I am so guilty of seeing this in other people that if it were a job I'd be a multimillionaire. Seriously.

For the past week, or so, I've been trying to really evaluate my time, and my goals and priorities - which is why I'm following along with the Unwired challenge - and all I know right now is that really working on your own life, while doing the daily-life-mama-thing, is a huge challenge.  It doesn't leave much time to look at other people, let alone notice their perfectly-portrayed image.

I do know that I need to remember it only takes a bunch of small steps, one after the other, to reach the end of the trail.  There is no need to run in grace strides that are gorgeous to watch. If a detour comes up, those same small steps are all that it takes to keep going.  So for now, I will take those small steps for another week of the challenge, and see where it takes me.

This a post that was written in the Five Minute Fashion from Lisa-Jo - thank you for the inspiration of small...

And this is my mid-challenge discussion from the Unwired Challenge - I'm learning that multi-purposing my writing is alright when it works out.

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