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Shattered Image

Friday, July 26, 2013

As children we dream of what the future hold.

As young adults we strive to reach the goals that could give that future we dreamed of.

Then somehow life starts to take over - this does not mean we stop dreaming of the future or striving to reach those goals. It is just life that bills start to come and money must be earned to support life. And somehow that reality starts to push our dreams into the shadow that follows us instead of the shadows that we chase.

An image repaired

I don't know about you, but when I am just charging ahead without much to follow I quickly get discouraged and worn out. I lose track of the goal, the dream. These are the times that lies can be heard that completely destroy and break.

The image of the future I dreamt of or the steps towards the goals I want get shattered as lies fill me.

Lies like: I can't do it, so why keep trying?  No one even knows I'm trying! I already messed up and it's not even 9:00AM, today is going to be a horrible day. How can anyone even care enough to help me out of this mess?

I could go on and on, and some days that's all I want to do - wallow in the lies that seem to be the truth, because I have lost sight of the goal, the dream, the plan.

In those moments of shattered reality, I need to be reminded - told again, clearly - what my purpose is, what steps I should be taking, who I really am.

Do you know what I'm talking about?  Have you had moments, days, maybe weeks, where you are running at full speed towards something you can even name or remember?  (share with your moments in the comments)

Then why don't we take a couple of moments - grab that cup of tea or coffee you so want to relax with, and be reminded of who you are. Then you can work out what it is you are working towards the steps you need to take.

Here's your reminder, MY reminder:

And now, go ahead, be refreshed by this reminder and start again. I am...

This is a post that is inspired by Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Fridays.  Although I'll admit this one was more like 10 minutes... but hey sometimes we just have to write it all down, then stop... yes?  Join in here.

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