Read-a-thon update - Reading List

Read-a-thon update

Monday, July 29, 2013

Alright, so I jumped in to the Read-A-Thon train this past week. Which I am grateful for. It was a hard week, and instead of wallowing in it too much, I was able to focus my mind on my books. Granted this isn't a good habit, and I do have responsibilities that keep me from doing this all the time. But it was a nice break for me. And I enjoyed some fun new books with my boys as well.

So here's how I did with the High Summer Read-a-thon over at Seasons of Reading...

I have a goal for my kids - three books each day this week, including a new book each day (that is the tough part of the challenge as my kids have favorites) Here's the list of new books I have for my kids this week:
How to Babysit a Grandpa  - my kids loved this one...
Joseph wants to read - my oldest was extremely interested in this fun story
Spot's Fun First Words - with the sliding windows, this was a hit
Mouse Paint - both kids were into this quick silly story with colors
And Red Galoshes a story about a rainy day  - this story did not live up to the recommendation for any of us
Seriously, Cinderella is so Annoying! - My oldest and I got a good giggle out of this new perspective on a classic
Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You - what is not to love about a book that makes mommy cry happy, love tears?

And I have a personal goal... wrap up the tons of books I have started because I have a huge list of newbies waiting! Here's what I'm hoping to read this week:
Prayer Warrior Mom (only like 4 pages left) completed
The Hobbit (a re-read for tutoring- last 1/3)
The Hunger Games (a re-read for tutoring - last 2/3)  completed
Anything (2 chapters left)  completed
Unfulfilled  - completed
Discovering True Identity completed

I'd say this was a success... I've cleared off some of the books on my must read list, a couple on my I just want to read list and didn't add one single book to my wish list. Which means I can start reading more of the books I want to read. Of course I know that list will grow, but I'm alright with that one!

Thanks for the push to really get some reading done, Seasons of Reading.

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