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Anything: Guest Reviewer

Monday, July 22, 2013

I am feeling really blessed recently as so many great friends from this community have been so willing to share reviews.  If you ever want to write a review for a book to share here please just let me know (click here to contact me).

Today I have a great review on a book I love - I might have to do another "review/discussion" on this one at a later date - from a blogger who, although I've only "met" recently, I always look forward to hearing from. 

So I hope you can take a moment and see what Alyssa, from Sunrise Avenue, has to share today! Oh and please leave your thoughts in the comments, Alyssa and I can't wait to hear from you.

Hello! So glad to be visiting the Reading List, home of one of my favorite book blog hops! I want to share with you an invaluable resource in my life:

Anything by Jennie Allen

Anything is a book you may have seen around the blogosphere, and for great reason. Jennie Allen is a pastor's wife who graduated from seminary herself. Jennie and her husband Zac knew and loved God, had grown up knowing Him, yet they both found themselves yearning for more. Together with her husband, they prayed a prayer, simple and profound: "God we will do anything. Anything."

The book moves with a warm, inviting flow. Pausing to reflect on the things that get in the way of Anything, coming to finally mean Anything, and then living Anything. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading. I figured it would be just another "how to discern God's voice" book. And while it isn't. Jennie is talking about complete, daily surrender to a God we cannot see. She's talking about actually doing the things we would NEVER dare to do ourselves, all for the love of Christ. 

And it is scary. I cannot lie. Reading this novel is scary. It is challenging. It's risky. Jennie's seminary professor speaks to that in chapter one:
"..."To risk is to willingly place your life in the hand of an unseen God and an unknown future, then to watch him come through. He starts to get real when you live like that." (pg 9)
And that is not to say that you don't already believe and trust in God. Maybe you do. Maybe you think you do, like I did before I started reading. But as I read I realized I was really putting more trust in this world, in things seen and touched. Jennie's questions challenged me,
"Had our hearts become demanding? If God did not give us and our kids a safe and comfortable life, was he holding out on us?" (pg 43) 
"We all would say his character is loving and good, but do we really trust that he won't get crazy and dish out the same life he gave Job?" (pg 55)

Big miracles are good. Big miracles are awesome. Big miracles can be difficult to relate to. This is what Jennie Allen does so different in Anything. She doesn't focus on people regaining sight or returning from the dead, all amazing things of course, but she focuses on the small, everyday, mundane tasks of our individual worlds. If we can just say anything to God, He will come in and give us everything. Once we say anything to God, we will start seeing God's anything. Once we start seeing God's anything, we will start craving God's everything. 

Jennie Allen Anything Quote  {Reading List}

This book will mess up your life. It is one of the few books I have added to my Goodreads Lifechanger Shelf, a shelf devoted to books that have altered my life for the better. It's amazing how one little word, Anything, can change your outlook on life and towards God. Maybe you are not ready to say anything. Maybe you don't know what anything is in your life. But this book, this book, will get you dreaming about everything. 

What is your anything? 
Have you read Anything? How did it change your life?

Can't wait to meet you! I will be waiting in the comments! :)

Alyssa is a wife and stay at home mom to Baby Girl (currently 9 months). Her blog Sunrise Avenue is her new home for blogging about all things book related. When she isn't playing with Baby Girl, Alyssa can be found reading, blogging, drinking coffee, watching Doctor Who on Netflix, or hanging with family. She also blogs about life, God and baking at The Christian Sugar Addict. Find her also on Twitter or Goodreads.

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