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A perspective on serving

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The danger to the internet, blogs and reading the lives of others is that it is too easy to compare your own life to theirs. And lets be honest, we write in a way that makes our lives look good, even when we are admitting to the issues and sins we find ourselves stuck in. As a result we read about others, and can quickly compare ourselves, feel guilty and fall into that pit of downward spirals into stress, weariness, even depression. For those of us who are spending all our time simply keeping up a house and raising kids, reading about missionary wives in Africa or Eastern Europe leave us feeling like a failure...
Perspective matters in serving

Again the answer has to be in taking on a new perspective - but how exactly?

I have a few thoughts I try to focus on when I feel myself sliding down that spiral when it comes to serving in missions. I'm sharing them over at Simply Helping Him today. I hope you'll jump over there and check it out. This post is now featured on Reading List, as a flashback in 2015!

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