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Take the Time to Imagine

Friday, May 31, 2013

I remember when summer was full of endless days that I got to fill however I wanted... do you remember those days?

I would fill them with my own imaginings - some times alone, other times I would imagine with friends, and then we would create, usually with words, that world or event we had imagined.

But where do we learn that art of imagining? Are we born with it? Why do some people seem to day dream and imagine while others don't?

I'm not sure it's wrong to day dream and imagine. In fact I'm sure it's part of the process of all successful people (financially or not...).

The issue that I see though is that there isn't much imagining going on anymore. Not when that time could be spent playing a video game, or watching a new TV show, or even texting friends. For that matter there isn't much room for imagining when parents push kids to get straight As or be the first in their class to read, write, you name it...

My grandma used to sit out on her back porch for hours, maybe not straight, she might break to make a phone call, talk to a neighbor or take a walk. But those summer days I'd spend at her house always included hours of porch sitting. She would be in her chair, a small table close by. On that table was a book and a glass of coke, with lots of ice. She would read, and imagine and simply be in that spot. The best part, she would let me sit in a chair next to her, and copy her (minus the coke, mine was always super cold milk).

Imagination is Everything

When I'd put my book down she would notice, but she wouldn't say anything, not at first.  We would sit, allow the world of the book to morph back to it's place, allow ourselves to adjust to reality again. Then she would softly ask about a character in the book, as if that character were an actual person we had just talked to (mind you she was reading her own book, yet she always knew about mine...).  And as a result we would fill the time of porch sitting discussing the book, the characters, the way we would change the story, or write the sequel.

And so my imagining time grew special. I started to realize that we are all blessed with brains that imagine what is different than reality, and that once we imagine it, we can plan it out to create it.

So maybe while I am trying to teach my kids to write and spell and speak, I need to stretch those minds to imagine more, to create. Maybe then they will imagine something great that they can apply themselves to, and then reach for.

You see God created them to do something quite amazing, they just have to allow their imaginations to see into His Masterpiece.

Thank you Lisa-Jo for picking Imagine for the Five Minute Friday theme this week.

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