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Number One Mama Tool: Simply Helping Him

Friday, May 10, 2013

While I was pregnant the first time, I was all about reading about what I needed for my new baby.  What things needed to be in the nursery, what I had to do to make the house safe for a new baby, a toddler, etc.  I was so focused on preparing everything I could prepare.

I'm sure we all can agree those were important things to do. They did help me to prepare, physically, on a certain level.

But then my sweet little baby came. I was stretched thin - all that preparing helped only for a short time. Of course I figured I could just keep on and it would get easier.


And then came my second sweet little baby.  Again I prepared, made sure the baby clothes were clean again.  Segregated the toys my oldest loved, but were not good for a baby... you know the drill.

There was one little tool that I left out... I just didn't figure it into the picture of preparing my self for the season of motherhood ... (Tweet this)

To find out that one tool, head over to Simply Helping Him, as I'm doing a guest post over there today.

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