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National Day of Prayer

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

If praying is a type of communication or rather, let me say, if praying could be thought of as a specific language, I would be failing at it.  Not because I don't want to be good at it, but because I somehow can't figure it out.

As a college student I spend way too much time in French class with one thought going through my head - "what in the world is everyone saying?" And I had four years of the language before I started college!  (Let me just clarify a little, I didn't start in French 101...)

And to be quite honest, that same question tends to pop into my mind when I try to pray - and I mean really pray.  As a result, I've been trying to be more aware of ways to pray, times to pray and such. I figure if it is a skill I can work on, maybe some of the methods that have helped others will help something click with me. But I keep on trying, eventually it will click right?

In my searching for new tips on praying I came across this - National Prayer Day - I know I didn't even know there was a day dedicated to praying. This particular "event" is focused on the United States of America, but really why couldn't it be worldwide?    

Either way, the National Prayer Day Task Force has a website that is full of tips, and a great starter on simply How to Pray.

I realize it might seem dumb to even mention this, but it's one thing for Christians to say its important to read the Bible and to pray to God. But what good are we doing if we aren't actually giving some practical how-to's?

And if you are a fluent prayer, why not take some time on May 2nd, to pray for your country, your government  your church, the schools near you, your family... Commit to pray - take time to "encounter the power of God through prayer."

And just because I feel the need to clarify slightly... I realize that many of the points made on the National Day of Prayer site lead to public praying, which is perfectly fine, I also think that praying in private is just as powerful. You need to find what format works for you, in order to really feel the power that God gives to those who pray.

Have you been part of a National Prayer Day in the past?  Do you struggle with prayer? Ever feel like you aren't sure even how to pray?  Any tips for new prayers? Or tips for those who have hit a wall when it comes to praying? Love to hear from you all on this.

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