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Five Minute Friday: Song

Friday, May 17, 2013

Enjoying the songs of the birds, as I write for five minutes this week. Thanks Lisa-Jo for the prompt!

Five Minute Friday


There is no doubt that there are songs that were made to stay in your head, for hours, for days... Of course many of these songs are useless really... but there are some songs that are in my head and they serve a very real purpose.  They remind me of where I've come from, they remind me of who I am, and of my worth.

Do you have songs like that?

For example, there was a song my parents would sing to me before bed each night (sometimes my mom, sometimes my dad). And I mean every night, probably until I was in high school... I think it originally came from some old cassette tape but over the years it morphed into our family's good night song (my brother often requested this song).

Years after I stopped hearing this song nightly I became pregnant with my oldest. And in the quiet hours of the middle of the night, even before he was born, this song would fill my ears.

And so this family good night song is being used on this next generation.

How sweet it is for my son to request his good night song from his nana and she knows it exactly like mommy does.  What a way to connect a family - a simple lullaby that will fill ears before slumber takes over every night.

Five Minute Fridays Song

And what does this lullaby promise?


Simply that the one singing loves the one being sung to - a reminder of worth, special-ness, security. Because no matter how the day went, we all could use a reminder from the one we look up to that we are loved. That is a blessing.

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