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When Comes the Spring

Monday, April 15, 2013

When Comes the Spring (Canadian West #2)
By Janette Oke

Since I enjoyed When Comes the Heart so much, I wanted to continue on with the series, and of course I wasted too much time one weekend and read it straight through in a couple of days.  So here are my thoughts on this second book of the series.

I should probably state that in order to discuss this book, I have to give away some of the plot from When Comes the Heart, so if you are reading that book and don't want it ruined, STOP reading now.  Otherwise, here we go.

When Comes the Spring follows Elizabeth and Wynn through their wedding day and first year of marriage. And man, oh man, what a first year of marriage it turns out to be.  Sure Elizabeth knew she was signing up for a marriage that would mean living in harsh conditions in the "West" but what a way to start it off in my opinion.

Oke did a great job of portraying a couple learning to work together as a team after being married. And that sometimes, this transition is hard!  Even during their honeymoon reality sets in that Elizabeth is now Wynn's wife, and as such she is going to have to yield to him in decisions - a lesson that every single married couple returns to over and over I'm sure.

Simply the journey to get to Wynn's assignment - he's a Mountie- would put an unbelievable amount of strain on a young married couple. Forget about all the trials that pop up in that first winter.

I could only imagine how hard it would be to live in a time and place where there was no running water, or electricity in your home. But to be in a place where it would snow for days on end, leaving you trapped inside that house, I simply could not do it!  It was fun though to read about a character who represented all those who did.

There is always something fun in reading historical fiction as it allows a new perspective for the reader. I mean have any of you lived under those circumstances for years on end? If so, please let me know, I'd love to hear your story!

When comes the spring

On top of getting to revisit the characters from When Comes the Heart, we meet many new characters, all greatly filled in by Oke.  Nimmie, Elizabeth's friend in the North, quickly became a favorite of mine. Watching her faith evolve as she studied the Bible with Elizabeth was inspiring. I also appreciated how Elizabeth, as a character, grew as well in this sequel. She started to develop a new sense of thankfulness for all the small things God blessed her with.

Again, Janette Oke is probably one of my favorite authors, so I will be adding the rest of this series to my book list for the near future...

What series are you wanting to finish in the near future?  Do you enjoy historical fiction and perspective it gives?

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