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Five Minute Friday: Jump

Friday, April 19, 2013

“Write like you used to run. For the pure joy of it.” –#FiveMinuteFriday –>click to tweet.


When you pull yourself off the ground, as in two feet off the ground, with your strength, core muscles, leg muscles.

For a moment you are not touching anything, right?

And yet so much is touching you.

The air - full of molecules - full of support.  That air is supporting you - bringing you back to the place on the ground.  That place of stability.

Jumping takes the stability away for a moment. A moment of freedom? Maybe...

Or is it just a new perspective on the same reality you had seconds before, when you were standing in one place, in control - or semi-control.

Growing up we are told to be in control - control your thoughts, your actions, your words. Take control of your life, choose a path.

And I'm not saying those decisions are important and necessary. But control? Is it in my control?

At any moment I could jump from those chosen paths. Or for that matter I could be forced to jump.

Where does that force come from?  Within? Out side? Can I see it? Can I touch it?

That moment of jumping though - it's different, and for half a second there is a freedom in the new, the different. Then reality comes, the landing, the back to choosing.  To control the next step - control my ability to jump quickly or just stay put. 

There is a freedom in the jump, the ability to jump. We were given the ability to jump, to stand, to feel...

This was inspired by Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday prompt - five minutes of writing, just to write, not to impress...

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