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An Ultimate Blog Party!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

There is just something so inspiring about the community that can form online through bloggers, don't you think?  That is honestly one of the reason I enjoy writing here so much. So of course I wanted to take part in the Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Reading List is a blog that mostly focuses on book reviews. The idea is that as a Christian stay-at-home boy-mama, I naturally have a different vantage point on the books I read, which impacts how I review them. There are reviews of books for study groups, Christian Fiction, Popular Fiction, non-Fiction, Children's books, and so much more!  I write in hope of starting small discussions with others who love to read to hear their vantage points on books.  But Reading List has slowly evolved to include some posts of a more personal nature that I want to share with my (ever-growing) community.

Reading List is also the home to a weekly link up of posts on books and reading and writing, so please join us weekly to share what you've been reading, or writing!

And right now I am holding my first giveaway!  I know what perfect timing. It's a great motivational ebook on how stay at home mamas can earn some money by putting their passion into a home business, or writing a book on your passion.  Check out the review! Then fill in the form for a chance to win.

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