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Five Minute Friday: Home

Friday, March 08, 2013

So extremely glad for a Friday, just had one of those weeks - you know?  If you want a little excuse for a break, join in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday, and just write without worry!  It's a great way to start your weekend!

Five Minute Friday


Home is the place I think of after life has knocked me around. It's that place that is comfortable and welcoming.  That place that is safe and will allow me to be - just be.

After I got married I was excited to finally be in charge of making a place a real home for a family. What an exciting job, right?  I could decide on furniture, and wall colors - the extras that would make it special.  Of course the best part was that I could change it with the season, meaning this new responsibility would be on going - which sounded great to me, at the time.

Then I had my oldest... I still enjoyed putting together a nursery, and keeping house.  Seeing his face as we would change a room for a new season or holiday.  And then came my baby...

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, the will just seemed to get lost in the responsibility of daily stuff.

But the desire to create a home that will be comfortable, and welcoming - a place for my family to feel drawn to, safe and protected.  It beats continuously in my heart.

A place to belong

That desire is a reminder of my Creator - you see, He made me to be like Him.  And yes, He allows us to live in this wonderful creation of His - but His Home, that is the place that is comfortable and welcoming. And that Home, is what I was created for. So when life is hard, and I'm tired and worn out and the feeling to create a home that might allow my family to see a glimpse of the wondrous Home waiting for us all, that is what I must look to. And allow His creative homemaking talent pour out of me and onto my family.

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