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Balance at the Speed of Life

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This past year I decided that I needed to commit myself to weekly Bible study with my church.  As a stay-at-home mom, it was very easy to set lofty goals, but never really accomplish them. I would let the work slide from day to day and suddenly I was putting the goal aside.  This just was not an okay habit to be forming when it came to the discipline of Biblical study and fellowship.

So into a weekly study group I went. I mean, the need for accountability was huge. And there was a study specifically for moms - perfect!

I must admit, I thought the study would be easy and not require too much effort- it was advertised for moms, you know moms that don't have a lot of free time-  I couldn't have been more wrong.

So if you are looking for a study for your study group check out Balance at the Speed of Life - for Women, by Barb Folkerts.

Bible Study workbook

This study focuses on how crazy life can get, but it is imperative that we carve time out of our daily schedules to spend with God.

Each chapter of this workbook is full of wisdom from Folkerts, which helps the flow of the book. But more importantly, each chapter requires you to open up your Bible and read the Word.  A great deal of time is spent on introspection on your life, your schedules, and your commitment to God.

I found myself feeling compelled to really work at setting up my time so that God took on that first slot, even if it wasn't the first five minutes of my waking day (currently my "God time" is the first fifteen minutes of my kids quiet time).  This book helps to set up a daily schedule to use as a loose outline to guide me but not one that I had to stick to every day... which is nice because that level of forgiveness is needed in just about every aspect for moms!

There are many activities that focus on personal prayer, as well as prayers written by Folkerts to help focus your thoughts. More importantly, there were prayer ideas that allow for listening to God's direction, even if that direction is to just do the mommy chores of the week, and love on my family.

There were plenty of practical steps to take in order to feel more confident in my focus on spiritual disciplines and following the plan God has for me. Which was great for me as a mom at this stage of life. I just feel overwhelmed by the lofty answers of faith, and just want someone to show me the next step to take. I mean I'm making so many decisions for everyone else, why can't God just clearly guide my steps?

Balance at the speed of life

Plus Folkerts does a great job of writing to women. She builds us up: "No matter what - no matter what- choose to believe in the promises of God more than what others say about you."  (210) I could use that statement of encouragement daily!

Over and over Folkerts used scripture to make her point, and then drove it home with a simple truth that cut straight to the heart of busy moms. For example, after spending a large section of chapter ten on the trials of life, Folkerts points us to Romans 8:28. She wants us to acknowledge that this passage isn't saying all the things that happen to us will be good, just that they are all part of God's plan for us, and that plan is what is good.  "In His wisdom and mercy, God sometimes allows people to suffer temporarily to draw them closer to Him, rather than to suffer all eternity without Him."  (180)  (Tweet this!)

Now all this said, I've heard that this book isn't being published right now, and it hard to get, as it is a workbook, and probably isn't really re-sellable... but still if you can get your hands on this study and really work it, it could make a huge impact in your life, seriously.

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Have you done this study? Did you like it?  Do you feel that being part of a study group gives you a level of accountability? Is that a good thing?  What study are you part of right now?  What would be the perfect study for you?  I'd love to hear from you!

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