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A Gift Option for Parents

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When I was pregnant with  my first I loved looking through those baby books that you can find in just about every baby store and maternity store.  You know, the ones where you record bits of information before baby is born, the day baby is born, and after...

There are just so many great options out there - and most kids have some kind of baby book, right?

Well only after I had my second did I stumble across the best follow up of the baby book: Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

It's a book that allows for a yearly interview with your child in order to capture memories from every part of your child's life.

Sure in the day of blogs and Facebook  we are sort of already doing these kinds of things, but this book has it all in one place. It allows for your kid to answer questions (the same questions come back up in later years to provide comparison) as well as write. And let's be honest, there is nothing like capturing your child's handwriting as it evolves over the years.

Yes, the first 3 years are grouped together, but as this book is to document your child's development  not your opinion of his or her development, I wasn't too worried.  My four year old was just barely ready to answer the questions for his first real interview, which will allow for some great comparison later on. Besides, as I mentioned above, most babies get a baby book which allows for great documentation of the first birthdays - so this book is not a replacement for the popular baby book, but a good sequel, if you will.

It is priceless to hear at what a three-year-old thinks on the world: Like how old you have to be to be an adult... or where God lives... or what heaven looks like. (Tweet this)

Another great aspect of this book is that for every birthday there is a little envelope that is supposed to be used as a time capsule - you get to stash a special picture from your little kid, or a birthday invitation - we included an outline of my son's hand at his birthday, and string that measured his height.

The plan is to put similar objects into the time capsule each year.

I liked this book because it goes from the first birthday to the eighteenth birthday. It truly will follow my kids as they grow up (they each have their own).  My hope is that by the time they have grown up these little memories will become a treasured memento that brings a smile to their face.

If you are looking for a gift for baby's first birthday, or are a parent looking for a way to collect memories to save for you child after he's all grown up, I highly recommend this book.

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Where you a baby book junkie? Have you tried to capture every little cute thing your littles do? Do you have a way to capture those priceless moments for your kids? Let me know!

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