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Discipline and Discipling

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I want the best for my kiddos. I want them to get along with other kids so they can be respected and feel part of the group. I want them to know how to listen and interact so that other kids will want to play with them. Isn't that a major desire for moms?

This desire causes me more stress than is necessary  because I want my kids to have figured out these social expectations as soon as they have had one experience  I know that sounds absurd - I have been on this earth for decades and still don't always behave correctly to always fit in with the group. Granted I've finally found a group I feel good about me in, and am not playing a part, but that isn't the point of this... All the pressure I put on me and my kids to be accepted by this broken world - that is the point.

This is the essential desire I have as I look for tools to use as I learn to be the best mom I can be (don't get me wrong I do go to the Bible and family for a ton of insight and help, in case you've just read my parenting handbook post). And of course I enjoy all the tips and recommendations I receive from my little blogging community on tools that have helped give them confidence. So as 2013 started I dug in deep to The Tripps parenting books: Shepherding a Child's Heart and Instructing a Child's Heart.

So I'd like to spend some time discussing my thoughts on these books over the next couple of weeks.

Starting with Shepherding a Child's Heart next week.  I'll discuss some of the points that I completely agree with and have started using, how they are working for my family. I would also like to share some of the issues I had with the book.

Then I'll move on to Instructing a Child's Heart - which is the follow up to Shepherding a Child's Heart.

We'll see how long it takes for me to get through my thoughts, as I know these are highly respected books in the parenting library and am hoping for some thoughts and concerns others from this community have had with these books, as I know many of you have read them. And then I'd like to address some of them on here as I go through the books. So please if you are in that stage of life where guiding your child and teach him or her how to behave in this world is a daily activity add your thoughts to the comments below. Or send me an email - there is a link on the right side with my email address.

I realize that human reasoning is never going to be completely applicable for each child in each situation but my hope in reading these kinds of books is that I will build an arsenal of ideas and confidence so that as I am faced with different parenting challenges I am able to put on a sense of confidence and pretend to know what I'm doing so my children can rely on me as a source of strength as they learn to navigate this world.

Please join me!

Of course if you have heard about these books, but haven't read them, here are the links if you want to add them to your bookshelf...

Check out the whole series:

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Shepherding wrap up

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