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The Father's Love... A Child's Devotional

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I am certain you don't have to be told that being a parent is a tough job. There are so many people out there giving lists of milestones each child must reach before they can walk, let alone the list that comes with getting kids into school. Oh by the way those lists come with things you should be doing with your child to help them attain said goals. All those lists just lead to pressure for parents, and then with pressure, comes a good amount of stress...

One such stress-er for many I know includes guiding our little ones to their Savior. Yes, a parent's job does not include saving their souls, but we are the first gardener of the seed. And this little job is a huge one, and of course that leads to the stress.

For me the question is always how to guide such a young mind and heart in matters that I don't always understand... and for that matter how do I do it in such a way that will be fun!

Through the God-inspired work of others is sometimes the best answer.

And here is one of those tools that allows me to guide my little ones to their Savior in a manner that is fun for them, which giving me a step-by-step guide.

The Father's Love and So Much More... is a new children's book by Martha A. Anthony and Lucille B. Ruth, illustrated by Jill Wiebe-King. (Remember a review from a few months ago, God Creates?) And it truly is a priceless tool for mommies and daddies when it comes to planting those first seeds in our littles.

The story is simple, a telling of how all encompassing God's love is for each of us.

 The pictures are perfect for little eyes, as the details are fabulous.

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And there are great devotional style questions in the back to provide the launching point for discussion with your kids. These discussion points are each attached to a specific scripture, so you can even incorporate memorization through the lessons in the book.

The drive home message is of course God's love, specifically the attributes of God's love. I know adults, who have considered themselves Christians for years, who can not answer some of these questions: Do you believe God protects you? or Is God always with you?

Jill Wiebe-King

Just think of the tools you are planting in your little one as you help them learn the answers to these questions, and the path to finding the answers (through the Word).

If you have felt the stress of raising kids who are after the Heart of the Lord, and wondered how to instill some basic truths in them in a fun manner, I highly recommend The Father's Love and so Much More... (Click here to find this great book on Amazon)

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Do you feel the pressure to plant such a seed in your little ones? Please let me know how you are sowing the Word in their hearts.

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