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Monday, January 14, 2013

As a mom, it is so easy for me to get wrapped up in mommy things.  Since I enjoy planning and preparing, I could easily spend days finding crafts and projects for my boys, then countless more hours buying the materials, and organizing each step of any of those projects.

While I research, plan, buy, set up, etc... my mind dreams of how the practical part of the craft or project will go. And of course the end result will always me exactly like the picture I came across while researching - you know what I mean?

Like the hand print turkey will have a perfect shape - all fingers will be separated nicely, the thumb far enough away from the rest of the hand so that the turkey's head will be seen as separate from the body. All the fingers will be their own color for his tail... I think you get what I'm saying.

And of course, it never fails that my little ones do not hear, or understand, my instructions for holding your fingers apart while pressing down on the paper and our hand print looks like one big smudge with more than five fingers!  And down the drain go my visions of the perfect family craft and time.

I feel frustrated, and that quickly leads to a short temper. And what should have been a great family experience, well let's just say its one of those things you hope to forget the next day.

This is where I need balance!  I need to remember to spend less time preparing and expecting. I don't need to waste that time in such a manner anyway, because my family is unique and our projects will be uniquely ours - even if the base idea comes from a fellow blogger's post on pinterest!

Keeping this in mind:
Each day of our lives we make deposits  
in the memory banks of our children.
~ Charles R. Swindoll.
Who cares how the project turned out. Who cares that my perfect imaginary illusion doesn't come true. Focus in on the effort spent to create something together. Focus in on the looks of accomplishments on my little ones' faces - allow those events to overshadow the rest - BALANCE.
In an effort to find the balance in my life this year, I'm going to try this week to limit my research and planning and execute the many items on my wish list of fun with my boys. And the biggest point - focus on the actual fun of creating, not on the perfect end product.

Do you think you could spend less time dreaming of the perfect end this week, and put that time towards completely a step in the dream? Maybe if we spend less time dreaming, and a little more time doing, we'll enjoy it more as our dreams might line up more closely with reality.

What is your hang up as a mama? What is one thing you could let go of in order to enjoy a different part of motherhood more?

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