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The Phenomenon of Mommy Hands

Friday, December 14, 2012

Do you remember the days when you would rush to get ready to hang out with your girlfriends? The hours spent picking out nail colors at store? Then of course the hours you would spend painting your nails - ensuring they looked professionally done.

I had a friend who had one of those fancy heat lights that were supposed to dry your nails into a perfect rock hard shine in sixty seconds - it always took longer!

 I'm sure there are least a few of you who know exactly what I'm talking about (and not just the nail dryer thing...). Maybe some of you are still enjoying these times with friends, and maybe others are back to a season where life has time to spend on nails. But I'm sure many of you are like me, and in the season where nail care means making sure they don't get too long or jagged...

Either way, think back to how the back of your hands looked when you just entered that phase of life - you know the just-hit-puberty-self that was focused on perfecting things like make up and nail polish.

Now allow yourself to think of all the things those same hands are doing each day.

And now I am a mom and I am realizing just how much work my hands do, every single day.

Which reminds me of this poem, that I was first introduced to as a young teenager.

Mama's Hands

I saw you hide your hands in line, 

behind that lady fair.

I noticed too,hers soft and white;
Immaculate from care. 
But Ma, I say, it's no disgrace 
to have workin' hands like you, 
and had she lived the life you have, 
she'd have hands just like that too. 
But her hands have never hauled in wood, 
or worked in God's good Earth. 
They've never felt the bitter cold, 
or chopped ice for waitin' stock. 
They've never doctored sick ones, 
or dressed a horses hock.
They've never pulled a hip-locked calf, 
or packed water to the barn. 
They've probably never patched blue jeans, 
or had worn' ol socks to darn. 
They've never touched a young'n, 
or caressed a fevered head, 
with hands so gently folded, 
all night beside his bed. 
They've never scrubbed a kitchen floor, 
or done dishes everyday.
They've never guided with those hands, 
a child who's lost the way. 
They've never made a Christmas gift, 
shaped by a lovin' hand.
They've never peeled apples; 
nor vegetables, they've canned. 
They've never worn a blister 
or had calluses to show, 
for all they've done for others, 
and the kindness I know. 
So you see, my dearest Mama; 
yours are hands of love. 
And I bet the Lord will notice 
when he greets you from above.

Tommi Jo Casteel

Sure, many of us do not farm at all (although I know some do...) but all of us work hard, especially our hands.

During the winter months I notice it the most - the wear of my hands - the dry, cracked, slightly red skin that covers my mommy hands. And I always have some nice cream to combat this...

Take a moment and picture what your mother's hands look like.

Your grandmothers...

Mommy hands

Whatever life has dealt us eventually does show on our hands - I am positive - and these mommy hands are sure to be one of the first signs of the work it takes.

So as you invest in yet another set of good creams and potions for your now more worn mommy hands, know that such wear and tear is a trophy you get to display - a trophy that tells everyone who meets you that you are a mommy - either in the trenches, or one that has spent time in the trenches.

And the next time you notice an older woman's hands, realize that she too has done her time in the trenches, and allow that to sink in.  We are not alone in this journey, many others are standing alongside of us as we learn the secrets.

I hope that even as I rub more lotion into my tired mommy hands tonight, there is a day in my future when my hands can speak for me - that I spent time in the trenches and I have wonderful legacies to shine as proof of it.

She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for the task. Proverbs 31:17

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  1. Anonymous4:40 AM EST

    That's a lovely poem. my hands are mummy hands for sure. Tara.

    1. I love that poem! I wish I could have written a little more eloquently to surround it, but I don't think the message could be lost.

  2. That is beautiful Marissa. I too have those dried tired hands this season. I was just contemplating getting fake nails to make them look better. I'm now just going to let them be and be the proof of all I do.

    1. I'm glad you can see the treasure those hands really are. I know I sometimes have to remind myself!

  3. Hands are an open book to where you've been. You can tell age and how much hardship or work the person's gone through by their hands. Which reminds me... I need to put some lotion on mine!

    I hope you're having a great week my dear!
    Thank you so much for linking up to last week's Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I'm following you.

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