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Five Minute Fridays: Roots

Friday, November 02, 2012

What a week - I know I don't have to convince anyone that I am glad it is just about the weekend because I'm sure everyone is glad to have this week behind them.

And now time for five minutes of writing in an attempt to release my thoughts and words that are kept quiet during the week - the freedom to write that Five Minute Fridays provides, without worrying about being politically and grammatically correct - just let those thoughts and words out - such a gift.

So please, if you have kept many words and thoughts in this week, take five minutes and write just for fun and join us.

Five Minute Friday


Seeing the ruin left in the wake of Sandy is unbelievable. 

Nature's power displayed for all.

There are many broken tree limbs in my neighborhood, but no trees actually blown over. (Like so many pictures on the news from areas that took harder hits). Those trees have roots that held them stable through the winds. Those trees spend years growing such strong and deep roots that would keep them alive through such a tempest.

Sure they were battered and beaten with this storm, but their foundation, the roots have held them steadfast so they might see another day and survive.

What a desire - to have such deep and strong roots! 

To know that when storms come and do their worst, my roots will hold me steadfast. 

To feel the security that such a system would provide - there are not enough words.

Now, in this time of calm, now is the time to really grow those roots. To find security that will keep me secure. 

Now is the time to soak in the nutrients that provide. 

All in preparation for when the storms hit - that I might live through them and see the beauty of a sunset and hear the music of laughter. 

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  1. So true! Having been through the storm of earlier this week I truly understand the importance of good roots. I want to nurture and grow my spiritual roots before I experience trails of any kind.

    1. It's amazing how nature can teach us about ourselves daily

  2. So very true.

    Thanks for your kind words. =)


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