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Five Minute Friday: Quiet

Friday, November 09, 2012

Another Friday, another day of writing for five minutes just to release. 

Five Minute Friday
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I am not completely sure I know what quiet sounds like.

My days are full of noise: little boy talking at their wonderfully loud voices, music played in an effort to lessen the level of noise from said boys, then of course the moments of conversations with adults...

Even outside there isn't quiet: cars racing by, trains chugging to different destinations, birds singing, wind blowing through bare tree limbs.

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And of course in a rare moment when these noises aren't happening, my thoughts fill my mind!  Thoughts about which chore must get done today, and then which one needs done first. Or thoughts about friends, and the stories they have shared with me. Thoughts about the future and how I can help my kids grow into the unknown the future holds for them. 

But then again I'm not sure I would want it to be really quiet all the time. I would miss the screams, the music, the cars and trains, the birds, and all the other little things that prove that life is going on around me. And that I am not the only one in this world.

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