Welcome October - Reading List

Welcome October

Monday, October 01, 2012

I'd like to welcome October with a new feature blog! This month I'm glad to introduce to you Leslie and her blog Simply Better.

Simple Life, Better Life.

Simply Better is a blog about living better, living more fully.  Each week there are three main areas that Leslie focuses on: Christian Walk, Family Life and Homemaking.  She is always striving to maintain balance and her goal is to improve in each.

Christian Walk (Mondays)

  • Deeper, more meaningful walk with the savior, Jesus Christ
  • Loving God and others more fully
  • Understanding God's purpose for our lives

Family Life (Wednesdays)

  • Happy Marriage
  • Raising Children
  • Family Activities

Homemaking/Healthy Living (Thursdays)

  • Healthy Recipes
  • Natural Healing
  • DIY Homemade
On Tuesdays she hosts a blog, facebook and twitter Link Up party.  It's called Tuesday Tips, plus the post includes a helpful tip. Leslie welcomes and follows all family friendly blogs.  Oh, she also shares linked up content on facebook and twitter through out the week.

October 8th Leslie is releasing: Buried Treasure: Revealing Your Husband as the Man of Your Dreams.  It's a free ebook available by email subscription to Simply Better.  The book is to help wives see their husbands as God would want them too. 

Leslie is a  Midwestern stay-at-home mom who likes to start her days with coffee and end them with chocolate and pretzels. In between she fills her day with toddler play dates and writing. She has an amazing husband who provides in a way that allows her to stay at home with their daughter, which she feels blessed by daily. As a type A personality Leslie needs goals and objects which writing allows such an outlet. In her writing, Leslie hopes to capture moments of time and God's Grace. Follow Leslie at Facebook: Simply Better or Twitter: @BeSimplyBetter

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