Weekly Reads - #1 - Reading List

Weekly Reads - #1

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sure there are so many books that I could spend all my time reading books, in fact, many days I wish that was all I had to!  Still there are great topics to read online - let's face it, that is probably why you are looking at this site right now! - blogs are a great source of information and many are on my daily Reading List.

With that in mind, I wanted to start sharing some of my personal favorites from the week with all of you, and hope that you will add your favorites to the comments as well!

One of my tops this week was Erika's post The Most Helpful Parenting Book on the Market. She discusses how the Bible is the ultimate guide when it comes to help in parenting our kids. My favorite point she made is that God is the parenting expert - PERIOD. So true - Thank you for this reminder!

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I also found Abby's post this week, Scripture Thursday Prayers for America, very helpful. I personally have found this year's presidential election weighing heavy on my mind. Partly because there is a lot riding on voting for the leader of a country, and partly because I want to set a good example of preparing and voting for my little guys to look up to. And Abby did a great job of providing prayers to be used as I prepare to vote.
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And finally, maybe because I know this post was inspired by me (sorry couldn't help it!) is a post from my husband's blog - How do you see the Father? This was a great little post because it truly just puts that question out there, and gave me something to meditate on in the middle of my day while my kids ran around me in chaos.

I hope you find these posts inspiring or interesting. And I'm hoping to start sharing more of the posts I find every week as a way to show that reading can mean books, but it includes so much more. And like I said, if you had some really great reads this week, please let me know and leave a comment, I'd love to see what is moving you.

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  1. Anonymous9:30 PM EDT

    Your blog is a great source of information. I love finding new blogs to read and new insights to glean. Thanks for sharing the things that have meaning to you.


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